Permanent makeup

The principle
Permanent makeup is ... a tattoo! A somewhat particular tattoo, made with super-thin needles equipped with a blocking system that does not penetrate the deep dermis. The needles inject into the superficial part of the skin, above the small blood vessels, some mineral or synthetic pigments, tested in laboratory so as not to cause allergies.
This technique can be used to redraw thinned eyebrows or lips that are too thin and undefined, to emphasize the eye contour, to hide a scar or to have a mole added.

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After tracing the mark in pencil on the skin, the beautician introduces with a needle the pigments millimeter by millimeter, under local anesthesia. This procedure does much less harm than a traditional tattoo.
The intervention lasts an average of one hour. A touch-up is required after 2 weeks. After the surgery, the skin is red and slightly swollen for 8-10 days. During this period, the treated areas must be thoroughly cleaned with an antiseptic.

Permanent but not final
It is an everyday make-up and must therefore remain very natural. This does not prevent you from retouching it and making it more evident in the traditional way.
As time passes and the epidermis naturally exfoliates, the pigments are eliminated and the color fades. Its hold depends on the speed at which the skin renews itself, the colors applied and the lifestyle (for example , the sun alters the pigments.) Make-up is therefore permanent but only for 2 or 3 years, which is not necessarily negative: fashion changes and so do make-up trends.

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The advantages
- Permanent make-up is always in place, does not smudge, does not drip and is flawless even in the morning, after the gym or a day at the beach;
- with the new techniques you hardly bleed at all and you can therefore come back to us more quickly;
- the fact of pricking the skin stimulates microcirculation and activates the activity of the cells: fine lines are attenuated, especially around the lips.

- Before proceeding with permanent make-up, think about it: the result can be beautiful ... or very ugly, if done badly;
- Choose a recognized professional, a dermatologist or a specialized beautician;
- Before the operation, ask for a quote specifying the price and the areas of the face to be treated, indicating that the check-up is free, and which pigments will be used. You will be the one to approve the colors and the traces;
- Require the use of mineral pigments, which are not harmful to the body;
- Ask to be able to verify the number of the decontamination lot of the needles. It goes without saying that these must be single use;
- Permanent make-up must be done wearing surgical gloves;
- Attention, more and more institutes are launching themselves into permanent makeup with very low prices, often using unsafe equipment and poor quality pigments, whose colors change after a few months. These are the average prices depending on the area you decide to make up:

EyebrowsLipsComplete eye linerNeoPrice

300-400 €

250-400 €

Around € 600

50 à 100 €

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