Dewy make-up: how to have glowing dewy skin in just a few steps!

Goodbye contouring, the new make-up trend of the season seems to focus everything on the natural effect. Yes, because if until yesterday we tried to artfully darken and lighten the different points of the face to obscure defects and enhance merits, today it seems that true fashion is to illuminate, but beware: in a completely natural way, for a dew-effect nature look.

The name of the make-up trend borrowed from the East is dewy - in English dew, in fact - and is based on the use of a few targeted products, to be applied obviously after the daily moisturizing of the face, which help to make the skin of a shine and freshness that have little to do with matte or wet effects, nor with heavy textures, the result of hours of contouring. It could be said that the dewy make-up is a sort of light version of strobing, a rather marked lighting technique of the key points of the face which, however, avoids proceeding with shading, as does contouring.

Dewy make-up: how to make it

But how is dewy make-up done? It's all very simple: here is explained in a few steps.

After carefully applying a moisturizer on the face and using the concealer in strategic points to cover the imperfections, you can proceed with the basic steps to obtain a radiant dew-effect skin.
1. First, you need to apply a foundation to ensure a uniform and homogeneous complexion to the face. Attention: for there to be a natural effect, it is necessary to choose one with a light texture and not too opaque, otherwise it would make all the dewy make-up work in vain.

2. After spreading the foundation, you can proceed with the highlighter, to be applied on the strategic areas of the face: cheekbones, under the eyebrow arch, on the nose - but not at the tip - and on the cupid's bow, that part , between the upper lip and the nose.You can choose between a cream and a powder highlighter, but the important thing is that you act with small touches, without exaggerating, to obtain the most natural shimmer effect possible.

3. To complete the make-up, top it all off with a delicate bonne minne effect blush that gives a fresh and natural look. The shades of pink and peach are excellent, undoubtedly preferable to bronze and earth tones.

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Dewy make-up: the most suitable colors to enhance it

Obviously the ideal for a make-up that aims at the natural effect is a nude look make-up: therefore, neutral and delicate colors and transparent and rosy glosses are welcome. Better to favor the shades of non-colors - from powder to beige, up to pastel pink - avoiding charged and decisive colors.

If you really love to dare, prefer the focus on the lips and stick to a nude eye make-up.

Here is a series of dewy make-up examples!

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