Organic and cruelty-free make-up: 7 products for a nude and natural look

In the world of make-up, organic and cruelty-free cosmetics are emerging which, in addition to making us beautiful, take care of our skin. What are the advantages of preferring organic and vegan tricks to more "traditional" ones? First of all, greater attention in the choice of ingredients; INCI from organic make-up are better than non-organic, are suitable for people with sensitive skin and are almost always free of potentially harmful substances such as silicones and parabens. Secondly, organic make-up products are more eco-friendly thanks to the presence of almost exclusively natural and biodegradable ingredients. Finally, companies that make organic makeup are also generally vegan-friendly and oppose animal testing.

In this article we want to offer you a make-up routine with organic and cruelty-free products easily available online, suitable for everyday life and at any age. In fact, we have chosen organic make-up in nude shades that go well with any daytime look and are also perfect for those who do not like to wear make-up or prefer a more natural look. Follow our step-by-step tutorial!

Apply a BB Cream if you have youthful or blemish-free skin

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BB Cream has become a super trend in Japanese and Korean skincare and established itself a few years ago in the West as well. It serves to even out the skin and minimize pimples and redness, but in the meantime it provides hydration and protection from the sun's harmful rays. In short, it is a versatile product perfect for daily make-up, especially if you live in the city and if you don't have time to dedicate yourself to more elaborate make-up looks. This organic and vegan BB Cream from So "Bio Etic offers 5 benefits in one product: it makes your complexion uniform, moisturizes like a cream, hides imperfections and redness, makes you full of antioxidants thanks to" pomegranate and provides 10 protection from UV rays. There are several shades available on Amazon, so you can choose the one that best suits your complexion. Spread a small amount of BB Cream on the face with your fingers, from the center of the face outwards (don't forget the neck!). To better fix the color, lightly tap with your fingertips.

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Apply CC Cream if you have mature or blemished skin


CC Cream also serves to make the complexion more uniform by moisturizing the skin at the same time. Unlike BB Cream, however, CC Cream is more suitable for mature skin as it reduces dark spots. In general it has greater coverage. , almost as much as a foundation, and is therefore perfect for skin prone to discoloration. On Amazon you can find an organic and vegan CC Cream from the same brand, So "Bio Etic.

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Cover dark circles and pimples with a cream concealer


To cover imperfections such as dark circles and pimples on special occasions, a coat of concealer cream is ideal. After applying the BB or CC Cream, with your fingertips you can pat the concealer on the area to be hidden. We have chosen this organic concealer and high coverage cruelty-free by Avril, made with 100% natural ingredients.

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Give a touch of natural color to the face with a blush


The blush or blush is an excellent expedient to make the complexion more rosy and give a healthy and lively look to our face even during the gray and gloomy days, especially those in which we are unwatchable due to seasonal ailments. This organic and vegan blush by Puro Bio Cosmetics is coral pink and has a high pigmentation, so it takes very little to give a touch of color to your cheeks. Smile in the mirror and apply a sprinkle of product with a special brush, or simply blend it with your fingers.

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Define the look with an eyebrow pencil


If you have thick and well-defined eyebrows you can safely skip this step; if not, the eyebrow pencil can work wonders and deepen the look with a few simple gestures! First, comb the eyebrows with the special brush, then draw small lines to reproduce the hair and thus give a natural effect. Finally, blend lightly with the same brush or with an eyebrow brush. This bio and cruelty eyebrow pencil. free by Benecos contains only vegetable and mineral ingredients and is free of silicones, parabens, paraffins and artificial dyes.

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Volumize your lashes with an organic mascara


To further open the eyes and give an intense and uniform color to the lashes, you can proceed with the application of an organic and cruelty-free mascara. This mascara from Sante Naturkosmetik is made with natural ingredients and is vegan and hypoallergenic. It is therefore suitable. to the most sensitive skin and also to those who wear contact lenses.

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Moisturizes and plumps the lips with an organic lip gloss


To round off your daily make-up routine and give a chic touch to your natural look, you can apply a layer of pearly lip gloss on the lips. We have chosen this organic and cruelty-free lip gloss from Alkemilla, 100% natural without parabens, silicones, paraffin and other synthetic substances. It is also perfect as a top coat over a matte lipstick with nude tones! Thanks to its delicate pink with silver reflections it enhances your smile and with apricot oil it also acts as a protective and moisturizing treatment for your lips.

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