Make A Splash With The Right Plus Size Swimwear 


We all love finding clothing that fits us perfectly but we have all had to put up with wearing pieces that only fit us well enough to walk out the door. The challenge is enhanced when we are trying to find swimwear that fits us well and the task becomes yet more difficult when shopping for plus size swimwear. When we are showing so much skin, every self-conscious tendency is only magnified. But plus size or not, it all comes down to finding the right fit. This guide will help you find swim essentials like flattering swimwear designed just for you to have a good swimming experience.


The beauty in the bikini is that as a two-piece, your upper body and lower body do not have to be in the same size category. Women whose upper body and lower body are vastly different in size are best served by a two-piece swimsuit like the bikini. When looking for plus size bikini, steer clear of string bikinis since these delicate pieces are not designed to stay put! Bikini tops with thicker straps and bust support will offer you the greatest security and comfort.

Push-Up Bikini

If you are small-busted and you are looking for a little boost, push-up bikini tops will give you sexy cleavage. Look for bikini tops with structure as opposed to string tops which are less effective in creating a push up look even when padded.

Striped Tankini

This is an ideal swimsuit for those who can wear a piece

without needing any support. An instant booster to your small bust. This is a classic style.

Love Stories Bikini

Do not let the vintage appeal of this one get to you. The volume and padding of this swimsuit will do magic to your bust. The retro look will add feminine allure to your physique!

Flamingo One Piece Swimwear

The flamingo one-piece offer deep V necklines which are perfect for women with B or C cups. Women with cup sizes above C will find that this style does not offer enough support but women with smaller cup sizes will enjoy the sexy design.

Belts and Cutouts

Women with a straight figure are best complemented by swimwear designs that accentuate the waist. Look for designs with belted waistbands or designs that create an optical effect of a cinched waist such as side cut-outs on the torso.

High-Waisted Bottoms

If you are opting for a two-piece, look for bottoms that are high-waisted. This will help pull in and smooth out your midsection. One-pieces are also fantastic in managing your abdomen. Stay away from low-riding bottoms and make sure you try on the bottoms because a piece that is way too tight will create the appearance of muffin tops.

Print Bikini

Busy prints add a little flare and drama and definitely draws attention. If you like to stand out in the crowd, prints will be the way to go. Whether you are looking for a one-piece or a two-piece, prints are an easy way to shake things up when shopping for plus size swimwear.

Strapless Bikini

If you have gorgeous broad shoulders and a neckline you want to flaunt, then the strapless bikini will put your best assets on full display. This style is best suited for women who wear a C cup or below since the absence of straps will limit the amount of bust support offered by this style.

Square Neckline

Frame your collarbone and neck in this classic design. The square neckline is a classy cut that never goes out of style.

So what’s the best fit for you?

There’s only one way to find out! First, assess what you love most about your body. Select cuts and designs that place emphasis on what you appreciate most about your body. Understand your shape and don’t forget that the idealized figure is not realistic! Few of us are kissed with perfection so the key is knowing your body, appreciating every curve, and selecting the best fitting swimwear that deserves to be worn by you.

Good luck finding your perfect plus size swimwear! Now go make a splash!