Striped sweaters: how to combine them for a perfect marine look

Striped sweaters for a perfect marine look. It seems like a refrain of every beautiful season, and in fact also for summer 2016 the horizontal striped sweaters suitable for every occasion are back. White and black, or white and blue, or white and red stripes, these are the 3 main variations of sweaters marinate, to adapt to both casual and more chic looks, so much so that they can also be worn in the office.
Before starting to find out how to best match them, let's discover the most interesting striped sweaters of the coming summer ...

The most beautiful striped shirts of summer 2016

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How to combine striped sweaters?

The striped shirt in the office

The striped sweater is an almost basic garment, which you can decide to make casual or chic according to the combinations. To decide how to match it, therefore, it is important to know for what occasion you wear it. If you want to wear a striped shirt to go to work during the warmer months, you shouldn't overdo it and stay on a discreet style: combine a striped shirt (preferably with black and white, or black and blue stripes) with pants or a dark skirt. The skirt shouldn't be too short, and you can choose to wear both low-heeled shoes and flats.

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How to dress with the striped shirt to go out?

If, on the other hand, your striped shirt is for going out, both day and night, then you can allow yourself to be more daring and combine it with shorts or a miniskirt. The trend of spring summer 2016 is to opt for shorts, both jeans and other more elegant fabrics. Still on the theme of "daring", you can choose a very feminine summer shoe like the wedge, or sandals and slippers, very popular this summer. To get inspiration, look at how the most admired fashion bloggers match the striped shirt and imitate.

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What are the most suitable jackets and pants?

A great classic of the combinations between striped shirt and trousers is the one with jeans. Depending on the jacket and shoes you choose, the combination with jeans can be more or less casual or bon ton. If you tend to be chic, of course, it is better to avoid ripped jeans or jeans with a too light wash, and opt for more skinny jeans. pants or even white trousers. An immediately elegant solution for the evening, without too much effort, is to wear a striped shirt and jeans with a blazer, perhaps black or navy blue. You can even risk sneakers, in this case, because the suit jacket evening already does everything by itself, or almost.


If you want an even more elegant look, you can opt for elegant dark trousers, such as palazzo or cigarette trousers.With dark cigarette trousers and a proverbial striped shirt you will be in the Audrey Hepburn zone, and therefore in the zone of perfect chic, without fear of making mistakes.

Impress everyone with original combinations

In the photo below you can find a surprising and very romantic way to combine the striped shirt. With a dark maxi skirt, your marine look will immediately become something else, halfway between the princess and a New Romantic rock singer. If you don't want to wear such a long skirt, try wearing a corolla skirt, which goes down to in short, in order not to have the usual combination, you just have to choose an elaborate skirt, a little sculptural and full. In summer, for example, you can choose a long skirt with a few layers of tulle, to achieve a great romantic effect without being hot. Another combination to try is to superimpose layers: put your striped shirt under a slip dress, which for summer 2016 are all the rage.


And the shoes? Choose the ballet flats to complete your marine look!

For the summer, ballet flats are always a good idea for any look: they are comfortable, you can find them in all kinds and colors, and they are both perfectly casual and elegant. Sure, they don't have the same effect as heels, but if the occasion permits, to resemble Audrey Hepburn, the ballerina is the best shoe to accompany a striped shirt. Check out all the latest models in these pictures.

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