Working moms feel guilty. But what do the children think?

As many of you know, being a mother is already a full-time job in itself, and probably eternal, which in fact is remembered and celebrated every year with a party just for mothers! Perhaps it is for this reason that many mothers feel at fault by deciding to also be workers, especially when maybe you are also single moms or in a situation like the one on video, see:

Why mothers feel guilty

Hurry, fatigue, work worries, tight deadlines, accumulated stress. These are the reasons that lead many working mothers to feel at fault towards their little ones, because it is not easy to reconcile family and work. Not being able to devote as much as you would like to the needs of your children would lead career mothers not to feel like good mothers. Cases in which children are ill, or should be more supervised in homework, or be more controlled when they spend hours with the iPad in their hands are on the agenda. An accumulation of situations in which, if a mother is unable to always be present, she regrets and perhaps blames more than she should. But what do the children think of all this?

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What the children think

The sacrifice that a working mother makes is very often a source of pride for children. In fact, only 10% of children think their mother neglects them and is absent due to work. If the nervousness of work, which you take home, is sometimes perceived by the little ones, it is also true that there are a number of things that are preferable, especially as you grow up. Having a freer home, immediately developing a greater sense of independence, having the mother all to herself on weekends, being able to dine with take away more often than others, appreciating and learning the value of work and sacrifice. In the eyes of the children, the working mom is a kind of super-mom with super-powers: just feel guilty!

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And here are some super heroine working moms, just like you!