The most popular lingerie for Valentine's Day: these are the models most loved by everyone!

Although Valentine's Day is not the only time we can surprise our sweetheart, it is always interesting to be open to new lingerie and sex toys to have fun with those we love! To warm up the relationship even more on this special date, we have made a survey with women and men and created a list for you with the most loved and sexiest women's underwear models for this Valentine's Day!

# 1 - The Brazilian briefs

Sexy and comfortable, the Brazilian briefs are the absolute favorite of both women and men. All the people who took part in our survey indicated Brazilian briefs as their favorite model. Made with a cut that flatters the B-side without being uncomfortable, this is the lingerie that is sure to turn your sweetheart's head spinning.

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# 2 - the black lace outfit

Number 2 in our ranking is the black lace underwear set. Elegant, sexy and provocative, the lace outfit has the see-through effect that often drives everyone crazy. it can be with or without underwire. And the models of bras most loved by everyone? The balconette and bralette models.

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# 3 - Stockings

The next two lingerie models on the chart are fabulous because they can be worn with a dinner look or an elegant look for an evening with your sweetheart. The stockings are already sexy on their own, imagine when combined with a nice lingerie set with suspenders! They are comfortable, elegant models and will also protect you from the winter cold typical of Valentine's Day. What more can we want?

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# 4 - Sheer lace bodysuit

Protagonists of fashion in recent years, bodysuits are a must-have for any sexy, elegant and stylish woman. It is a type of lingerie much loved by everyone because it causes the "see-through" effect, perfect for romantic Valentine's days and also ideal for complementing a look with transparencies and overlays. The best rated models are obviously the bodysuits with Brazilian cut, high waist, low-cut and made of lace, always in dark shades.

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