Lindsay Lohan: I'm an alcoholic

Lindsay Lohan confesses: "I'm an alcoholic." It happened during an "interview with Oprah Winfrey, broadcast during her famous talk show. To the host's direct question:" Are you addicted to any substance? "Lohan replied candidly:" Yes, to "alcohol."

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The American actress, fresh from the sixth hospitalization in rehab, then continued with her confession: "My childhood was rather chaotic, there were happy moments, but immediately something happened that ruined everything, it was difficult for me ". Pressed by Winfrey's questions, Lindsay Lohan later confessed that she had been in therapy for many years. Confessing his alcoholism, in front of millions of viewers, seems like the first step recommended to all drug addicts by the United States Alcoholics Anonymous Recovery Program: admitting that you have a problem. Lindsay then confirmed that she "snorted cocaine between ten and fifteen times, but never became a drug addict."

"I liked alcohol much more than drugs, that's why I chose it," concludes Lindsay, in an interview with almost self-defeating sincerity. The actress is on everyone's lips, as if there was further need, even for her starring role in a film just released in theaters, The Canyons, which will be at the next Venice Film Festival. The story, written by Bret Easton Ellis and directed by Paul Schrader, also stars the famous porn actor James Deen, and tells about the ambitions, seasoned with a lot of sex, of today's young people.

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