5 books to start your adult life

Are you moving for study, for work or maybe to start living together with a friend or with the person you love? Or are you tired of living with your parents and looking for a way to find a more stable job or maybe to save more to leave as soon as possible? Here are 5 books that will help you start a new path of independence and serenity.

5 real motivational books to start many small daily revolutions. And if adult life is already a great revolution in itself, here are some "survival" manuals useful for solving small everyday problems.

Statistically, Italy is one of the countries where you leave your parents' home later than other countries.
If, on the other hand, you believe that the time has come to start your independent life, do not miss these precious tips!

Also see all the essential purchases to live alone.

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1. Move your c ***! Letter to young people to make the revolution in a country of old people

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A provocative and intelligent book written by Alberto Forchielli, a sui generis economist, nonconformist and outspoken who lives by traveling the world but has remained linked to his Italy, whose defects and provincialism he denounces.
In this book he wants to shake up the generation of thirty-year-olds, helping them choose between going abroad or staying, and in this case fighting to change a country that does nothing to give its children a future.
From the generation of our grandparents who rebuilt the country after the war with enormous sacrifices, followed by the generation of Forchielli's peers who squandered the results of the economic boom. The solution is simple: stop feeling sorry for yourself and have clear ideas!

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2. The magical power of reordering

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Have you already heard of the KonMari method?
The solution to all your problems of interior and exterior disorder comes from Japan with the 34-year-old Marie Kondo who has developed a method that guarantees the order and organization of domestic spaces ... and at the same time serenity, because in the Zen philosophy the physical reorganization is a ritual that produces spiritual advantages: it increases self-confidence, frees the mind, relieves attachment to the past, enhances precious things, induces to make fewer useless purchases.

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3. Kabebo- The savings book

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Also from Japan, a surefire way to save more and achieve your goals more easily.
The Kakebo is the "House Account Book". Conceived in Japan, it is the ideal agenda to face the crisis: it guarantees savings of 35% in one year, helping to identify waste and the critical points from which to start to develop self-discipline and self-knowledge; it favors the tranquility of the soul and frees mental energies.

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4. Ideas for the lunch break. How and when to prepare it

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You have started a new job or you are living alone and bringing healthy dishes to the office every day is very difficult.
Here is an excellent idea to carve out some time every day for a healthy and tasty lunch break with original ideas that come from the Italian tradition. The typical "schiscetta" can be an opportunity for a taste break, with quality and season to share with colleagues. Simple recipes to prepare the same morning or more elaborate if you have time to make them the night before, with great attention to the recovery of leftovers. And for a pleasant moment, excellent desserts, fruit and homemade snacks.

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5. Small Survival Manual for Couples

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Coexistence is never easy, we learn about all sides of loved ones, even those we don't like.
This book is a real practical manual on couple relationships to accept that conflict, when it does not separate, makes it grow. What can we do to make the "other happy?"Perhaps"writes the" author "knowing each other as they are can be one of the wonderful and amusing aspects of the extraordinary adventure that we call coexistence". A vademecum on how to make small daily conflicts an" opportunity to communicate and understand each other.

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