5 jobs you thought were masculine, where women are very successful!

From the working point of view, women are divided into two categories: on the one hand there are those who have always dreamed of undertaking a profession commonly associated with the female universe; on the other we have women whose dream is, for example, to become the first astronaut to set foot on Mars, or a very brave firefighter who saves dozens and dozens of lives. All male-dominated jobs, in which, until recently, there were no female mentors ... until they arrived, they became their own mentors. We are talking about 5 very normal women, who every day carry on a profession in the collective imagination seen as male, and they do it with great success!

1. The Family Banker - Giorgia Bruschi: a fixed point in the choices of families

After studying Law, Giorgia Bruschi approaches the Mediolanum world with the dream of achieving her independence and fulfilling herself professionally. In the company, he immediately found an extremely attentive environment for the training of his collaborators, thanks also to the corporate university, Mediolanum Corporate University where he was able to receive the preparatory and necessary preparation for the exam and therefore to enroll in the Register of Financial Advisors . Of course, approaching the purely male profession, he recalls, was not easy, especially at the beginning: clients did not expect a female financial consultant. With enthusiasm, tenacity and willpower, however, things changed. Giorgia has, in fact, managed to obtain an ever-growing trust from her customers, also thanks to that femininity that initially had been an obstacle to her, but which now allows her to reach a deep empathy with the families she cares for, thus managing to immediately grasp their needs and advise them on the most suitable choices for the future. Today Giorgia is also one of the faces of the new Banca Mediolanum commercial.

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2. The barber - Elisabetta Giuliano: a woman with a razor blade

Have you ever seen a female barber? No? Don't worry, you are not the only ones! Even the first clients of Elisabetta Giuliano, when they entered their trusted barber for routine treatment, were surprised (and, often, very skeptical) to find themselves in front of a woman with a razor in her hand. The same happened to the numerous training courses she took part in, even abroad, during her career. But the young girl, fascinated by the rituality of the gestures linked to shaving and by the search for a "tailor-made" aesthetic for each man, she did not give up. She pursued her dream with perseverance and dedication, achieving not only an admirable professional familiarity, but also the trust of clients: "While I work, for my clients I do not disappear as a woman, I am visible, but it becomes clear that my work is first of all take care of the people, the customers sit for it, and they get up with this: the care. " Having overcome the difficulties related to a context not very accustomed to the presence of women, therefore, he opened his own workshop, Piano B, in the province of Bari, entering the very restricted (hopefully for a little while) circle of woman barbers in our country.

3. The Chef - Cristina Bowerman: from forensic studies to the Michelin Star

How do you go from studying law to being the only woman to get a Michelin star in 2010? Ask Cristina Bowman, originally from Puglia, Roman and American by adoption (primarily working). After earning her law degree, Cristina decides to continue her forensic studies in San Francisco, while working for a coffee house, juggling crêpes and cappuccinos; he later moved to Texas, Austin, where he obtained a degree in culinary arts. After working for some of the most renowned restaurants, he returns to Italy and lands at the Glass Hostaria, a newly opened restaurant in Trastevere. The restaurant, initially, did not obtain the hoped-for success, despite Cristina's constant commitment and imagination, but she did not give up and continued strenuously to believe in the project. And you know, hard work always pays off: with the passage of time the customers increase, the notoriety also, until reaching the highest recognition in the culinary field. In fact, the chef was awarded a Michelin Star in 2010, and she is the only starred woman of the year. But it certainly does not end here: the opening of new premises and further prizes follow. We are sure that Cristina's future will continue to be rosy and under the banner of what has always distinguished her, that is the desire to learn and experiment, leaving anyway. space for fun!

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4. The Fireman - Cynthia Graci, the only pink share of the Provincial Command of Catania

Cynthia Graci is the only female firefighter in Catania. That's right: she works only alongside male colleagues to protect the Catania area from the danger of fires. After graduating in professional education and being a volunteer in the Army, she won the competition to enter the Fire Brigade, becoming an active member of the Catania Command. To anyone who asks him, he replies that he feels exactly equal to his male colleagues, above all for a matter of responsibility: he does not want and cannot afford to be "the" weak link "of his team, so that the rescue operations take place in the best of ways. Of course, in the early days she often noticed the bewildered glances of those who didn't expect to see a woman wearing that uniform, but then this "diversity" became a strong point: "Often it is women who, seeing me in uniform, have the natural instinct to turn to me in times of need ".

5. The pilot - Michela Cerruti: the speed that runs in the veins

Michela Cerruti has always had speed in her blood. In fact, his father Aldo was a motoring champion between the '60s and' 70s, and he passed on this great passion for the steering wheel to his daughter, who starts racing at a young age. At the age of 19, in fact, she was noticed by Romeo Ferraris during a safe driving course and began to compete aboard an "Alfa 147 Cup. Since that moment she has never left racing cars: she has competed on circuits all over the world. , taking part in the main international car championships. In 2010 she raced in the Superstar Series, competing against male drivers of the caliber of Johnny Hebert and Gianni Morbidelli and only a year later she achieved victory on the Monza circuit, thus becoming the first and only woman to have won a race in the series after the latter was made international.

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