Dishwashers: which one to choose?

Choosing which dishwasher to buy is not as simple as it may seem! We are all looking for the best dishwasher on the market, the one that guarantees "excellent cleaning of the dishes, perfect drying, little noise and great energy savings!"

And in fact these are just some of the criteria to be taken into consideration to understand which dishwasher to choose for our kitchen. Here you are, then, all the features that just shouldn't be missing. And if you are reorganizing the kitchen, find out now how to fix it if children are coming, including the dishwasher:

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Dishwasher: which one to choose based on the energy consumption on the label

All appliances, including dishwashers, are sold with a label indicating their energy consumption class. The categories range from class A (low consumption appliances) to class G (high energy consumption appliances).

When choosing your dishwasher, don't forget to study this label carefully! Class A dishwashers are more expensive, but they allow you to reduce your energy consumption and therefore represent a good long-term investment: counting, on average, 4 or 5 washing cycles per week, in one year you can reduce your bill. of light by 40%.

Also consider that 80% of the electricity used by a dishwasher is for hot water, so it is important to choose that it is economical and does not use excessively.

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Choose the best dishwasher based on the noise level

Often the aspect of noise takes a back seat in the choice of dishwasher, instead it is a criterion to be underestimated. Frequently there is a reference to it in the famous energy label, where it is expressed in decibels (dB).

Most dishwashers emit between 45 and 60 dB. To help you choose, think about where you will use the dishwasher: in a small apartment or in a large country house?

Please note that the quietest dishwasher emits 39 dB. Attention: if the dishwasher is of poor quality it can become noisier over time!

Drying: an important choice criterion

The effectiveness of drying is also indicated on the energy label with the letters from A to G. A good dishwasher should not leave traces of water on the dishes. Some models are equipped with a system to avoid condensation and say goodbye to the traditional puff of steam when opening the door after a wash cycle.

Also consider that the evaporation of the water will be facilitated by the use of a good rinsing liquid.

Consider the load capacity of the dishwasher

Do you live a studio apartment alone? Maybe the 12-place dishwasher isn't exactly what you need, it would clutter up the apartment and that's it!

The number of place settings indicated on the label indicates the set of dishes used by one person during a meal. Evaluate your needs well and try to imagine your life in a few years. Know that a dishwasher with 12 place settings or more is suitable for a family ranging from 4 to 6 people, an 8 place dishwasher is ideal for a couple while the dishwashers with 4 or 6 place settings are perfect for singles.

What really makes the difference? A resistant basket, with many shelves and compartments: it will allow you to optimize space and to let in the pots and dishes that you just don't want to wash by hand!

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The washing programs

If you do not want to continue washing encrusted dishes and fragile glasses by hand, it is essential that your dishwasher has different washing temperatures. In general, programs range from 45 ° to 65 °: for an economical washing (lightly soiled dishes) 45 ° to 55 ° will suffice, for a normal cycle it will take from 55 ° to 65 ° and for a deep wash it will take 65 ° ° to 75 °.

The most sophisticated dishwashers even have a photocell that determines by itself the degree of soiling and the program to use!

Moreover, the internal clock that allows you to program the washings, to start the dishwasher in the hours when the electricity tariff is lowest, is also very practical. The "reduced load" button also allows you to save energy.

Taking care of the dishwasher (even the best one)

Nothing worse than a dishwasher that gets dirty quickly and gets stuck at the first piece of carrot! To avoid the worst, choose a dishwasher with a self-cleaning filter and drawer that can be easily disassembled. As for the basket, choose one in stainless steel, resistant to scratches, stains and odors, or in propylene, which makes less noise and does not oxidize.

The digital display, which indicates the level of salt and rinsing liquid daily, is an easy way to monitor the operation of your dishwasher.

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