Eyebrow lamination: a trendy technique

Eyebrow lamination is the hottest treatment right now. It is a revolutionary technique to have thick and always perfect eyebrows: a real restoration that will make the eyebrows appear more "in shape" with color and design studied in detail. If you are still undecided about this treatment, find out how to make your eyebrows thicker, more defined and beautiful by simply using make up. Watch the video and get to work!

But what does eyebrow lamination basically consist of?

Let's find out together. Just like eyelash lamination, eyebrow lamination is a professional "natural build-up" treatment, which is trendy and talked about more and more. The effect is honestly very natural. After the treatment, the eyebrow arches shine, are thicker and thicker and have a perfect styling. Moisturizing products must always be used, which do not clog the pores. Pay particular attention to their quality and their INCI and always rely on real experts in the sector.
The treatment consists of 4 moments:
initially the arches are well combed, thanks to a nourishing, protective and moisturizing product. In a second phase, a strengthening product is used on the hair of the eyebrows, which also has a discreet effect on small and thin ones. Then they comb their hair again, giving shape to the eyebrows, according to the client's tastes and the operator's advice. After about twenty minutes in which the product is left on, the chosen color is passed, to better define them, then waxed or everything is perfected with tweezers. The treatment lasts a month, but a lot depends on other factors, such as sweating of the face, which is not the same for everyone, the type of skin and coat and the skill of the operator.

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How does eyebrow lamination work?

Every month, in fact, it must be redone precisely to maintain the effect of this exceptional eyebrows look. For at least twenty-four hours you should not wear make-up, put creams on the face or wet the treated part, so as not to spoil and nullify the results obtained. in addition to beautifying your eyebrows and making them thicker, it will heal them if quality products are used. Obviously the price varies according to the centers and sometimes even from city to city, as for any other beauty treatment. Usually it fluctuates between the 30.00 and 50.00 euros and lasts from 40 to 60 minutes.
Do not be tempted by unprofessional staff who offers you this super low cost job, nor be duped by those who ask you for an exaggerated cost just to give more prestige to their performance. Therefore, choose reliable centers with expert operators.

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A treatment that is good for everyone!

Women and even men who have tried this technique are enthusiastic about it, especially if the choice of color and hair removal have been accurate. What we like most in the result is that sense of naturalness and not of artifact. Particularly satisfied are women who do not like to wear makeup every day, but would still like to look their best, and especially those who find themselves even at a young age with an eyebrow arch made of fine as well as thin hair. There are no limits of any kind, nor of sex, nor of age for this beauty treatment. Men also gladly ask for it especially for the natural effect it creates. The current fashion wants strong, intense natural eyebrows, like those of the stars of the show business, always tremendously perfect Here this savage trend is spreading more and more and other non-invasive and complicated techniques have been born to give thickness to the eyebrows and have them always perfectly cared for.

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Other characteristics of the treatment.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have thick and well-defined eyebrows and with this natural effect technique under an ideal frame the eyes stand out more and the gaze becomes more alive and intriguing. Many resort to invasive and sometimes harmful treatments and often not excellent in results, for example old generation tattoos, decidedly unnatural, with some rare exceptions. The lamination treatment gives a perfect look and design to your eyebrows, not only thickening them, but also stimulating their regrowth with natural substances, which act on the bulb. The treatment must therefore be periodic, also so that the product can have greater effect, at least 4 or 5 sessions. The lamination smoothes the eyebrows, giving them a shiny and well-groomed appearance.In the lamination of the eyelashes, their curvature is also implemented: in that of the eyebrows they are combed to change the direction of the hair in an optimal way for a look that is always in order. In short, this treatment not only strengthens the hair, but gives it color, fixes it upwards. It covers the empty areas caused by improper use of the tweezers or a slight alopecia, it fixes them upwards and is very suitable for those who have thick, but rebellious brows It also helps to enhance a previous eyebrow tattoo.

Latest advice and contraindications.

The duration of the treatment depends a lot on the experience and professionalism of the person performing it. Much depends on who performs the lamination, professionalism and experience. For 48 hours, do not take saunas or showers that are too hot to avoid sweating excessively. Do not apply creams or oils to the area around the eyebrows.
After several hours you can apply a little castor oil to soften them. Treatment is contraindicated in case of eye or eyelid disease, pregnant or breastfeeding. Pay attention, being a sensitive area, to the quality of the products used, in order not to incur allergies or eczema (red, dry, itchy and inflamed skin). Do not use glycolic acid or anti-acne products on the area to be treated for at least 48 hours before treatment, especially if you have sensitive skin. Now that so many beauty treatments are going to do it yourself, partly for economic reasons, partly to feel self-sufficient in self-care, you can try to do this eyebrow lifting yourself at home, by purchasing kits online. complete professionals.
Read in the instructions all the precautions to be taken and give it a try, if you feel able to do it and you too will have a fairytale look like the Hollywood stars.

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