The burnout syndrome

The victims

In most cases, people affected by burnout syndrome are individuals who have great responsibilities or who exercise a profession that requires significant emotional investment: medical staff, teachers, social workers and, more generally, all those who work in the social sector. . However, no one can consider themselves immune to burnout syndrome, a disorder similar to depression and which should not be taken lightly.

The causes of burnout

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Burnout syndrome can have numerous causes, all related to stress at work: perfectionism, the will to control everything, the need to be appreciated ... but also exaggerated expectations, the desire to do better than others, work that becomes the only source of satisfaction and is considered a refuge ...

In each of these cases, there is an imbalance between the individual's expectations and reality, and this imbalance causes a profound malaise. People who tend to get distressed easily are particularly prone to this disease.

Symptoms of Burnout

Burnout syndrome is considered a "three-dimensional" syndrome because it manifests itself along three main lines:

- Exhaustion: the individual feels emptied, no longer has energy or liveliness, and is less and less interested in his work.

- Depersonalization: the victim of burnout has impersonal, cold and distant attitudes with the people they work with. His speeches are negative and cynical.

- Dissatisfaction: the individual belittles his work and considers himself incompetent.

Burnout causes a state of physical, emotional and intellectual fatigue. The syndrome manifests itself differently for each individual, but the symptoms are often accompanied by some psychosomatic disorders such as headaches, back pain, sleep disturbances, intestinal problems, frequent colds ... The patient is irritable and can no longer draw satisfaction from their work, despite continuing to commit themselves. Its productivity decreases.

How to cure burnout?

The first thing to do to prevent the syndrome from getting worse is to get sick! The best way to solve the problem is to consult a psychologist and follow a therapy. In the meantime, the patient must move away from his work environment and, why not, take advantage of this moment of pause to reflect and take stock of his own expectations and desires. During this period, rest and possibly yoga are recommended, to learn how to relax and manage one's anxieties.

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