The penetration: interesting information and useful tips

The union of the two bodies

Key moment of the sexual act, penetration is the moment in which the man slides his penis into the partner's vagina. This union of the two sexes is made possible by the arousal of the genital organs. This is why foreplay is important during sexual intercourse: caresses will cause an increase in desire, and will allow the body to prepare for this union, causing penile erection and lubrication of the vagina.

Lubrication is in fact a fundamental aspect: here you can find some useful advice to find the right lubricant for you !!

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First time

It is an important moment in a girl's life, often awaited and feared. The entrance to the vagina is protected by a small elastic membrane, the hymen. It is pierced in the center to let the blood from menstruation pass, but disappears during the first sexual intercourse: the man's penis tears this membrane during penetration. This act is called defloration. On this occasion, it is possible to see small bleeding and feel a little pain, but this does not always happen. In addition, the pain is often due to a certain tension, related to the stress related to the first sexual intercourse.

The way of pleasure

If penetration is the physical encounter of the two sexes, it also remains an important moment for men and women, full of emotions and sensations. The movements of the penis cause the muscles of the vagina to contract, bringing both partners to orgasm. This intense pleasure manifests itself in men with ejaculation and in women with repeated contraction of the vagina. Some positions allow more sensations, favoring a more or less deep penetration. It is up to the partners to find the ones that bring the most pleasure.

When penetration is painful ...

Sometimes it happens that penetration is painful, especially for the woman. More or less intense, this pain can be caused by poor lubrication of the vagina. This often happens at the beginning of sexual life or after menopause, but it is a problem that is easy to solve thanks to the use, for example, of a lubricant. The foreplay is just as important, because it causes vaginal secretions that facilitate penetration. It can happen that this pain is more serious: in this case we speak of dyspaurenia. It is a frequent problem (affects one in five women), and it can be difficult for the couple to live with. It can be caused by lesions of the vulva (mycosis, herpes, irritation ...), or have psychological origins. In both cases, it is necessary to consult a specialist to find a remedy.

… Or even impossible

In addition to pain, it can happen that penetration is completely impossible. Without there being a malformation or dysfunction of the genital organs (which react well to arousal), the vaginal orifice, due to an involuntary reflex, closes at every attempt to penetrate it. In this case we speak of vaginismus. The muscles of the perineum and vagina contract as soon as an attempt is made to introduce a penis, a finger, or even a simple tampon into the mucosa. This phenomenon can be due to a fear or a phobia, or even to a real rejection of sexuality, a trauma or a much deeper psychological block. Again, only a doctor will be able to propose solutions to unblock the situation.

Sex life during pregnancy

Contrary to what is stated by various clichés, sex in pregnancy is neither prohibited nor impossible: the baby develops in the uterus, and not in the vagina. Only changes in the woman's body can make penetration difficult. It is up to partners to change their habits to find new, more comfortable and satisfying positions. On the other hand, after childbirth, it is better to wait for the bleeding to stop before resuming an active sex life. But the best thing is always to listen to your body and its desires.

Anal penetration

Penetration can also be anal. Long exclusively reserved for gay couples, anal penetration has now become part of the erotic games of heterosexuals. Much appreciated by men, it is often feared by women. Like any sexual practice, it must be. desired and accepted for the pleasure and well-being of both partners.

Penetration rhymes with protection

Repetita juvant, there is always a risk of infection during sexual intercourse. Whether it is a benign infection (mycosis, herpes ...) or serious diseases (some germs / viruses transmitted through genital contact are at the origin of cervical cancer or AIDS), protecting yourself is essential. Likewise, a contraceptive is needed to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

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