Here is Alexandra Andresen, the youngest billionaire in the world

The magazine Forbes has just unveiled their list of billionaires and, in this ranking, we have found a very particular personality. Alexandra Andresen is a Norwegian girl, her fortune amounts to about 1.2 billion and ... she is 19 years old. He shares the record with his sister Katharina and together, the two own 42.2% of Ferd Holding, an investment fund managed by their father Jonah Andresen.
In 2007 the man decided to divide the company between his two daughters who, at the age of 10, found themselves billionaires. A beautiful legacy that Johan built thanks to a company specializing in tobaccos, Tiedemanns, which was then sold. in 2005 to build an investment fund.

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Unlike her fellow heiresses, who often tend to waste daddy's money, Alexandra seems to have her head on her shoulders and devotes herself body and soul to her passion: horse riding. This is also evident from her Instagram account, full of photos. of horses and stables!

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When it comes to money, Alexandra proves to be very responsible. "I have always kept an eye on my wallet, I put aside the money I earned from the races or the tips I receive on the occasion of my birthday. I always make sure that I don't have to ask mom and dad for money'.

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