The European Commission against perfumes

Now Brussels is angry with perfumes and attention, because yours could be among the accused! The European Commission has in fact indicated three substances, responsible for allergies and skin irritations, contained in many eau de parfum, even from big brands. What are these components? The synthetic Hicc and the natural atranol and chloratranol, contained in the mosses. And here the alarm bell went off for lovers of the legendary Chanel n. 5, which uses musks in its mix of essences.
Fortunately, there are doctors to reassure. In particular, Oliviero Rossi, allergist Advisor to Siaic (Allergologists and Clinical Immunologists), who told the Adnkronos agency: "These are molecules that can sensitize when they come into contact with the skin and are contained in almost all perfumes, but the reactions can be more severe in low quality products. Itching, irritation, burning, eczema are the most common symptoms. And each perfume, based on their content, may or may not give these types of alterations in clearly predisposed subjects. is something specific to Chanel No. 5 ”.

European Commission against perfumes