The art of kissing

The kiss, a preliminary to love

We like each other, we seduce ourselves and, then, we kiss. This is the path of most of the stories. It begins with shy kisses, to arrive at languid, sensual and erotic kisses. More than a proof of affection, kisses can be a source of intense pleasure to share, creating a true fusion between two individuals and creating a strong understanding.

Literature has always given the art of kissing a place of honor among love foreplay. Just think of the tales of "The Thousand and One Nights" or certain chapters of the Kamasutra ... If at the beginning he spoke of chaste kisses, little by little he moved on to kissing hands, kisses on the forehead, on the cheeks, and arrived, in our days, to kisses on the mouth, with or without tongue.

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Around the world of kisses

The natives of the Amazon would be shocked by our kisses on the lips (with or without tongues): they find them inadequate. African peoples, on the other hand, find kissing an elementary hygiene mistake, which can deprive an individual of soul and life. Some Manjas women of equatorial Africa have their upper lips pierced with a wooden disc to avoid kisses, which are replaced by handshakes. To show affection, men squeeze their thumbs. The Eskimos sniff each other tenderly and stick their tongues, as a simple sign of respect, but also as a gesture of seduction.

The technique

Knowing how to kiss is an art that you need to know if you want to give your best in terms of seduction. For a deep, sensual and fiery kiss, open your mouth wide, bring your lips close to those of your partner, without hesitating to mix the saliva. The tongues can reach each other, cross with circular movements and then play to tickle the palate, the inside of the cheeks, without forgetting to nibble gently. To this, you can then add some little tricks to increase the pleasure: sighs on the skin, associated with sweet words or tender caresses.

Love, then, will make the difference. Put your soul into it: you will not go wrong for sure, and your kisses will be worthy of a movie! But be careful, the kiss is not necessarily an invitation to sex. It can simply be an opportunity to deepen a flirtation.

To be avoided

In principle, kisses are an opportunity to improvise and to check how compatible you and your partner are. But be careful: there are some things that may discourage even the bravest of lovers!

Breath: Have you eaten particularly spicy dishes? You will kiss, it is safe now. When the kiss seems inevitable, discreetly escape to the bathroom and brush your teeth. Here, now your mouth is fresh and sensual: even more appetizing!

Stop anxiety: both during the first date and in the following ones, there is nothing more annoying than a person who is in a hurry to get to the point or who, on the contrary, is too tense and tends to literally "eat" your mouth . Take it easy, then: loose, nimble jaw.

Don't overdo the saliva! There is nothing worse than a kiss that is too wet, of navigating in your partner's saliva ... get ready for the attack, swallow your saliva before throwing yourself in and you will have no problems!

He sips his kisses, will it be serious? Over the years it is common for couples to exchange less and less passionate kisses, both in public and in intimacy. In the long run, this can cause a loss of self-confidence, a feeling that your man doesn't want you the way he used to. The reason is simple: in the moment of the transition from childhood to adolescence, some children were abruptly deprived of the kisses and cuddles of their parents, who now considered them too old for those demonstrations of affection. Consequently, once adults, these individuals struggle to show the slightest tenderness, even to the woman in their life. In this case, you will be the one who will have to help your partner to become aware of this problem and you will have to "dress him up".

The risks of contagion

Sexual intercourse is not the only one that can transmit diseases. Kissing can also cause problems, already immediately after the exchange in question. The danger comes from saliva or simply from the lips. A herpes can cause a contagion from contact with the mucosa, for example. Then there is mononucleosis (called the "kissing disease"), which is transmitted with saliva and, then there are rare cases of allergy (to peanuts, walnuts, fish ...). Think about protecting yourself if your partner is sick. A few days of abstinence will only improve your kisses!

The sensitive areas

Kisses are even more pleasant if they affect the erogenous zones. If you touch or nibble with your lips or tongue, these areas can acquire another dimension, sexual this time. Kisses, moist and passionate, given to the nape of the neck, breasts, buttocks and the hollow of the kidneys, can become exciting and are very effective because they awaken the sensory receptors. The lobes and the pinnae of the ears are also very sensitive, because they are rich in nerve endings. As for the hardest kisses (in this case we are talking about oral sex) they precede the penetration and affect the private parts, in the case of fellatio and cunnilingus.

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