Everything You Should Know About 18 Shake

18 shake diet

In this current world no person wants to look plumb and with a bad shape, because of this, there are companies that have thought of this and decided to manufacture products that help interested individuals reduce weight in a healthy way, one the companies are the 18 nutrition which thought of this awesome product the 18 shakes.

What Is 18 Shake?

18 shakes are a product that has been manufactured by the 18-nutrition company in California. This is the company which also responsible for the distribution of 18 shakes. This company came up with this idea of manufacturing 18 shakes that enhances weight loss.

18 shakes are a recommendable meal replacement which contains pure natural ingredients and it has been designed to control and manage weight by suppressing hunger and controlling cravings.

What Is 18 Shake Diet?

18 Shake diet can be defined as a weight loss program that is about replacing at least two meals per day with the 18 nutritional shakes.

Ingredients of 18 Shake

18 shake contains completely natural products together with the very essential minerals and vitamins necessary for the body. The following are the main ingredients contained in 18 shakes:

  • Whey protein concentrate and isolate.
  • Stevia.
  • Fibersol-2.
  • Maltodextrin.
  • Vitamins B and C.
  • Potassium.
  • Chromium.
  • Iodine.
  • Copper.

Nutrition Facts of 18 Shake


One serving of 18 shakes contains a total of 90 calories. This is always good for weight loss. Fewer calories are included here to boost the body metabolism so that energy can be produced to burn the excess fats in the body to facilitate weight loss.


18 Shake contains the whey protein isolate and the whey protein concentrate. The whey protein isolate has a significant purpose it is the main source of the essential amino acids required by the body to build muscles. The whey protein concentrate is also effective for muscle growth and increases body metabolism.


In 18 shake fiber is put in here in form of soluble fiber. This is essential as it has been proved to control the digestion process and the regular intestines.


18 shake contains vitamins B and C. Vitamin B is always responsible for energy increment in the body whereas vitamin C has the responsibility of lowering cholesterol in the body as well as immune system boosting.


It contains the most essential minerals required by the body that is iodine which is capable of increasing body metabolism, chromium is responsible for carbohydrates burns, and copper enhances immune and potassium which always manages blood pressure.

Super food blends

The 18 shake has super food blends that give it a good and desirable flavor. The two flavors which are as a result of super food blends are chocolate and vanilla.

Sugar/ sweeteners

18 shakes have been added natural sweeteners from the banana majorly. These sweeteners are capable of the sweet taste of 18 shakes.


18 shake diet

18 Shake Products

The following are the 18 shake products available:

  • Super green meal replacement smoothie.
  • Creamy peanut butter shake.
  • Apple pie shake.
  • Blueberry bluster shake.
  • Chocolate coffee protein shake.
  • Chocolate strawberry blast
  • Super green smoothie.
  • Blueberry pie shake.
  • Black forest shake.
  • Chocolate brownie shake.

Different 18 Shake Flavors and Tastes

There are only two types of flavors that are available. That is:

  • The chocolate flavor which has a very sweet taste and mostly loved by a large number of people.
  • The vanilla flavor which has been sweetened by natural bananas it as well as a sweet taste and goes well when mixed with milk.

Benefits of 18 Shakes

18 shakes have a lot of desired benefits one always expects getting from it. The following are the benefits you are likely to get from 18 shakes:

  • The 18 shakes contain the high concentration of minerals and vitamins essential for the body.
  • It aids in weight loss as well as maintain the health of other users.
  • It has no artificial sweeteners and thus protects you from heart-related diseases.
  • It contains natural products which are known to cause minimal problems.

Side Effects of 18 Shakes

Nothing is perfect in this world and thus through these 18 shakes as well is not perfect despite being made from natural products it has the following side effects:

  • Headaches
  • Stomach pains

18 Shake Competitors

The following are competitors of 18 shake:

  • 310 shakes.
  • Burns TS.
  • Visalusshakes.
  • GNC lean shakes.
  • Shakeology.

Price and How to Buy 18 Shakes

18 shake products can be ordered online the official website of 18 shakes. You might be wondering, 18 shakes where to buy, it is available in the official website of 18 shakes and the 18 shake Amazon. The price of the 18 shakes are categorized in the following ways:

$89.99 for each bag of 18 shakes. If you tend to buy two bags you get it at $179.98 with one free 18 shake bag and eBook.

18 Shake Reviews

A large number of people who have used the 18 shakes had the following to say about this product. The following are the pros and cons that were discovered about 18 shakes:


Contains purely natural products. It has high fibers which are good for the health of the body. It has a sweet taste. Doesn’t have artificial sweeteners.


It is can be only ordered online. It is expensive.


18 shake is an awesome product to use to control, manage and lose weight. It has been made from natural products and thus known to be safe for the human body. It works effectively with very minimal side effects.

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