Festival Survival Kits: Here's everything you need

Music festivals have become one of our favorite destinations during the summer holidays. The offer is super wide and it is not difficult to find the one with the perfect line up for us. On the beach or in the countryside, indie, rock, electronic, you have already chosen which one to participate and you are preparing to enjoy a few days of live music. without interruptions, in perfect Woodstock style!

If you are planning to fully enjoy the festival experience, you should camp! So take note, because we will tell you what you will need in your festival survival kit to have the most fun and not get caught up in any unexpected events.

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Sleep little, but well!

We know that sleeping on a campsite is not easy, even less so if it is a festival campsite. If you add the noise of the background music, the morning heat hitting the tent and the lack of a good bed, sleep becomes really complicated. Keeping the pace of a festival is difficult, so you need to guarantee yourself a few hours of deep sleep to recharge.
For this, get a comfortable tent that is as easy to set up as this one from Active EraTM a two-person tent, very spacious. It opens instantly, you just have to fix it on the floor once it opens. Its outer fabric is resistant and waterproof, it includes a window that allows you to ventilate the environment.

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Forget the bags and opt for a fanny pack

Carrying a bag to a festival is not a good idea - it is uncomfortable, heavy and prevents you from dancing! A fanny pack, on the other hand, will allow you to have your most precious items with you, as well as being a trend of the moment and a must in your festival look. This roomy, cheerful and colorful model is perfect for a concert!

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Everything you need to be perfect

At a festival you won't have time to put on your make-up and get your hair done! But don't panic, you don't need all of this to be perfect and spend unforgettable days. This is all you need for a perfect boho chic look, in less than 5 minutes:

Dry shampoo: the essential cosmetic for having voluminous and clean hair all day long. Surely you can't wash your hair thoroughly during the festival, so apply a dry shampoo from the root to the ends of your hair and that's it!

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High sun protection: during the festival there will be many hours of sun exposure, if you want to take care of your skin and avoid becoming red like a "lobster, get a" high sun protection, we are foresight and we recommend Garnier spf 50 protection from apply several times during the day!

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Bronzing powder: forget the makeup base during the festival, better a light bronzer. Applying a little bronzer will color your skin, smooth out your complexion and highlight your tan, without bothering you!

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Shines !: Light up your face with sparkling stickers in true Coachella style. They are perfect if you don't feel like wearing makeup, given the heat, but they will give a super glamorous touch to your outfit!
There are tons of them on Amazon!

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