Social Jet Lag: if you suffer from it, it's time to run for cover

The common Jet Lag usually affects those who, after a very long plane flight and after landing in a country with a very different time zone from the one they departed from, suffer from insomnia and difficulty concentrating due to lost sleep.

But even those who are not used to traveling can suffer from Jet Lag syndrome, in this case we are talking about social Jet Lag, a completely modern phenomenon that affects above all those who work long hours a day, those who usually study until late at night, those who lingers between social networks and emails, thus losing a few hours of night's rest and altering the normal sleep-wake rhythms

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Social jet lag, which involves a discrepancy between the biological and social clocks by requiring us to respect certain times, is not a phenomenon to be underestimated.

The "Italian Association of Sleep Medicine (AIMS), which has long been observing the effects of lack of rest, has also expressed its opinion on this syndrome. Forcing the body to carry out too many tasks every day is harmful especially because it uses" help " that make the situation worse: coffee, energy drinks, cigarettes and alcohol.

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This results in a chronic and dangerous alteration of our circadian rhythms. Think that among the risks associated with this dysfunction there is also depression.

Not only that, researchers from the University of Munich have announced that one of the most obvious and most dangerous consequences of this syndrome is obesity. Staying awake for many hours pushes us to eat between meals and badly, to make up for a sugar drop due to demanding work.

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To avoid falling into the trap of the social Jet Lag it is good to start reconciling with your body and with your needs. Each of us has a biological clock that regulates our life, ignoring it can only cause problems and disturbances.

We begin to impose healthy rules - go to bed by a certain time, turn off electronic devices and possibly leave them out of the room in which we sleep, avoid exciting foods or physical activity in the hours preceding the magnesium, which give a more toned and energetic awakening .

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