Trend Jeans 2019: these are the coolest models of the moment!

Attention: it's time to make space in the closet.
The new jeans trends have arrived and are more captivating and stylish than ever. What are the favorite cuts and models of fashionistas? Here is a shopping guide to help you choose the trendiest jeans of the moment and be perfect and stylish throughout 2019!

Palazzo jeans are back in style!

Fringed boho dresses, corduroy and dazzling disco dresses: the 70s celebrate their great fashion revival. No wonder the most popular of the moment are the Seventies-style jeans.

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The floor-length jeans with the super wide leg give sinuous thighs and slender even the smallest figures! Plus, it's the most comfortable and versatile of jeans!

How to wear palazzo jeans

The real 70's trend was for boots with a wide heel and a turtleneck sweater!
But you can simply pair it with a "sleek white blouse with a checkered blazer.
Go casual with oversized sneakers and sweaters. But be careful: make sure the jeans are not too long or you risk ruining them, causing them to crawl on the ground!

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Ultra glamorous side stripes!

Side Stripe jeans are one of the big trends of 2019. Whether with wide or thin stripes, colorful or sparkling, skinny or mom jeans. The pants with the distinctive side stripes are definitely a great eye-catcher.

Girls who love street style wear them in all sauces: sporty with sneakers or elegant with blazers and high heels. Try it with a lace-trimmed top and a leather jacket, to mix styles and not give it a too casual air!

Pepe Jeans with side band

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Fall in love with Redone Jeans

Patchwork is the key word when it comes to the next jeans trend for 2019. Called Redone Jeans or Reworked Jeans or Multi Toned Jeans, they look like they have been recomposed from different pieces of denim.

Very casual: have fun softening them up a bit with super feminine shoes and romantic details: the patchwork seems challenging to manage but in reality you will have fun looking for the right match.

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Jeans Trends 2019: ripped off, cropped. We like it cut!

Jeans with rolled hem or ripped jeans that end at the ankle have been known to us for some time, but this year too they are confirmed as very trendy!

Yes, you heard it right: our beloved jeans are now a little shorter and finish approximately before the ankle and are rigorously ripped at the hem as well. Be it culottes, skinny jeans or boyfriend cut, they look great with mid-high boots but also with sneakers!

New Look Jeans


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