From 30 up you can do everything (or almost!): Interview with I Trentenni

I TRENTENNI is a web project created in 2013 by Silvia Rossi (1982, TV and web author, speaker and journalist), Stefania Rubino (1983, sales manager) and Ilaria Sirena (1982, architect), to tell dreams, intentions, hopes, goals, worries of life with the three in front. They wrote the novel "Did you say thirty? From thirty up you can do everything ... or almost", Rizzoli, and we interviewed them for you


1) How was the "Thirty-year-olds" project born?

The project was born 5 years ago after an aperitif on the canals, after yet another day of work gone badly and yet another bad luck. Ilaria looks at Silvia and says: "We will not be the only thirty year olds in this situation ... why don't you put yourself in front of the camera and tell the thirty year olds today?". The next day Silvia immediately did a search on the internet and found that, indeed, there was no point of reference for the middle generation, the one born in the 80s and raised in the legendary 90s. So he bought the domain and together with Ilaria and Stefania he created what today is our community. The videos came right after the first successes with the posts. In particular, after the crash of the site with Stefania's article "Thirty-year-olds single VS Thirty-year-olds married"!

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2) How did the idea of ​​a novel come about and how did you live yours?

The idea of ​​the novel had always been a dream and an ambition. We have always worked to make it happen.
Then, unexpectedly, last year in May Rizzoli contacted us and the one who later became our editor and shortly afterwards the Grandi e Associati, a famous literary agency, asking us if we wanted to make a novel. It didn't seem real to us. The idea of ​​the story came from a very long brainstorming together with our editor and our literary agent. Writing the novel was a great adventure, very demanding and not at all easy.Very profound and fun at the same time, it was a psychoanalysis. While we were writing, however, we already had in mind the images of what we would like and hope will become a series.

3) 1 object each 90 years old that speaks of you 20 years old and 1 object that speaks of you 30 years old

Silvia: the walkman and the Dr Martens
Ilaria: the Stan Smiths and the Stan Smiths
Stefania: the wrap skirt and leggings (because at 30 I want to be comfortable!)

4) What does it mean to be a woman and to be 30 in 2018?

It means rolling up your sleeves and struggling to build your own happiness independently. It means not giving up on your dreams and NEVER thinking that the age of 30 is too late for ... because the age of thirty is just the beginning. It means being afraid of having a child but wanting him madly. It means being a mother and remembering that you are also a woman, wife and friend. It means loving yourself for what you are, with your flaws and weaknesses, but not forgetting to fight to improve. It means transforming the disadvantages that this society has in store for us into advantages. It means supporting each other, helping each other and connecting the dots. Just like you do with the puzzle week. Because the best success comes by joining forces.

5) What advice would you give to today's twenties?

Enjoy them and do EVERYTHING. But just everything you want, without being afraid of making mistakes or failing. To learn how to build their own future with their hands. Because having a solid base from which to start is everything, and the base is us.

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