Water the plants while on vacation

Wet carpet, bottles of water… our do-it-yourself solutions

- Fill the bottom of the tub with a few cm of water and cover it with sponges and towels. Arrange your plants on this damp carpet, taking care not to immerse the roots in the water: your plants will be able to drink at will without drowning.

- Take a fairly long string, dip one end into a bucket of water and put the other end into the pot of your plants. The twine will keep the earth contained in the pot moist, as long as the bucket of water is placed higher than the plant.

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- Make a hole in the cap of a plastic bottle, fill it with water and plant it upside down in the soil of your plants. To keep the bottle vertical, surround it with wooden supports.

- Another solution is to transfer your plant to a pot with a water reserve (duration of the reserve: 3 weeks), but be aware that some plants cannot withstand this system.

- If you do not want (or time) to resort to these artisan solutions, know that on the market there are special plastic funnels that you will only have to fill with water.

Good to know: always put fertilizer in the water, your plants will be more resistant.

What if they haven't received enough water?

- If despite all these precautions your plants have suffered from your absence, remove them from the pot and immerse them immediately in a bucket of water. Then keep them out of direct sunlight, at least until they recover.

- Know that it is easier to save a plant that has not received enough water than one that has received too much.

- In the future, choose plants that need little water to survive, such as succulents or, in general, all plants that have stiff or velvety leaves.

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