What are infusions and how to choose the perfect one for you

Attractive scents, bright colors, enveloping flavors, when we talk about infusions we are talking about all this. But we also talk about how they make us feel pampered and welcomed, in an embrace that starts from the mouth and spreads to the soul. We drink infusions when we need to feel that way, protected and wrapped, like in a blanket in the middle of winter, perhaps on the sofa in front of the TV. Or when we need a break, during a hard work day or during an "intense study session." There is something for all tastes: from the freshest to the sweetest, from the liveliest to the most reassuring. Let's find out how they are made and which could be the perfect one for us.

What are the infusions

The infusions are a blend of herbs, spices and fruit from various parts of the world and mixed to create the right harmony between flavor and aroma. Each mix has its own personality and its own unmistakable taste. Among the most used and best known ingredients in the world we have: ginger, lemon, red fruits, mint, licorice, fennel, vanilla, hibiscus, orange, cinnamon, apple, ginseng and currant. From the combination of these natural ingredients, real mini masterpieces can be born to be enjoyed at any time of the day. This is one of the great advantages of infusions: it allows us to give a different taste to the water and therefore to make our drinking at least 1.5L a day less heavy. In short, infusions are real travel companions!

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Differences between infusions and teas

It is common practice to associate infusions, teas and herbal teas, but in reality there are real differences, both in terms of composition and, of course, also in taste. Tea is composed of tea leaves and can be white, black or green, fragrant or flavored, and is classified according to the level of oxidation of the leaves and production. The infusions contain no tea leaves, so they are naturally theine-free and are a blend of fruit, herbs and spices. The choice between the two depends a lot on our tastes and needs. To choose the perfect infusion, however, we have various methods. We will explain some of them to you!

How to choose the perfect brew

There are several ways to choose the perfect brew, here are a few:

  • According to the senses
    As a first approach to the infusions, perhaps not knowing the taste or the effect given by the combination of the ingredients, we can rely on two senses in particular: first of all the sense of smell, approaching that taste through the nose, savoring its perfume first in its more notes. direct and then in the more volatile ones. And secondly to sight, letting us be guided by instinct and by the colors that seem most familiar to us or in keeping with our mood.
  • Based on the occasion
    We can decide which infusion is perfect for us also based on the occasion of use. If we are alone and we want to have a cuddle, we can opt for an infusion with an enveloping and sweet taste; if we are in the company of friends to chat, we can opt for a infusion with a sparkling and fresh taste, in short, every occasion has its perfect infusion!
  • Based on personality
    If each infusion has its own personality and its own specific taste, then we can choose the one that most closely resembles or blends well with ours. Just let yourself be guided by instinct and that's it!

Twinings infusions

Twinings infusions are 100% natural and combine herbs, fruit and spices in a unique and refined way. Specifically, these are the flavors available:

  • Ginger and lemon
  • Fennel, mint and licorice
  • Red fruits
  • Cherry and cinnamon
  • Raspberry and pomegranate
  • Turmeric and orange
  • Lemon Twist
  • Black currant, ginseng and vanilla

Also available is the Infusion Collection which contains ginger and lemon, red fruits, fennel, mint and licorice, cherry and cinnamon and lemon twist.
Twinings infusions can be enjoyed hot as follows: dip a sachet in fresh water previously brought to a boil; leave it to infuse for 2-5 minutes, remove the sachet and mix (with or without sugar or honey). But they can also be enjoyed cold. Like? Bring 1/2 liter of fresh water to a boil, turn off and infuse 5 sachets of your favorite infusion. Leave to infuse for 2-5 minutes and then remove the sachets. Sweeten, if you like, and then pour the infusion into glasses with ice, and that's it! Ready to enjoy your infusion?

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