Collagen makes you fat: is it true or can it be taken on a diet?

Some recent studies have highlighted the beneficial properties of collagen-based supplements, while others believe that this substance, due to its caloric intake, even makes you fat. We have tried and shed some light on the subject and understand what are the benefits of taking collagen for our health. And if you want to lose weight, see what are the 9 super foods against cholesterol to include in your diet.

What is collagen

Collagen is the protein at the base of the connective tissues of human beings, in fact it is found inside the cartilage, skin, tendons and bones, however it is also present in plants. This substance, consisting in particular of glycine, proline and from hydroxyproline, it is produced autonomously by the dermis, ie by the skin, however, with advancing age, this capacity decreases, causing less elasticity of the tissues. Collagen, in fact, makes the skin soft and hydrated, while one of its deficiency causes the onset of wrinkles and skin aging.

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It can be taken through food, however many people, due to a not too varied diet, prefer to supplement it by taking it in the form of capsules or ampoules to drink. The collagen contained in the supplements is, however, hydrolyzed: this means that it does not contain all essential amino acids and therefore has a low biological value. However, according to many scholars, hydrolyzed collagen has the ability to be synthesized by the body and, therefore, contributes to the improvement of tissues. In general, marine collagen (ie produced by fish) combined with hyaluronic acid, or that of vegetable origin, is used.
It is used for aesthetic purposes because a cycle of collagen vials helps to improve the skin and hair structure, however this protein is also used for medical purposes, both as an energy supplement and as an adjuvant in weight control.

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Is it true that collagen makes you fat?

Collagen is a protein and as such provides about 4 Kcal per gram. This means that a supplement that contains 5 grams of collagen will provide 20KCal. The amount of calories is, therefore, modest, and is not considered a substance that makes you fat. The idea that it can be an enemy of the diet derives from the fact that, like all supplements that provide energy to the body, it can induce you to feel more appetite and, therefore, to eat more. In addition to hydrolyzed collagen, then, the drink vial also has vitamins and mineral salts inside, however these do not affect weight gain because they do not contain calories.

However, according to other studies, collagen could instead favor weight loss as a greater amount of protein, associated with physical exercise, can favor the construction of lean muscle mass at the expense of fat.
Another research has shown that those who took collagen at breakfast, then during the day were more likely not to eat fats and sugars, as they remained satiated for longer; according to this study, in fact, the consumption of hydrolyzed collagen would seem to stimulate the production of a satiating hormone in the blood.

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According to its supporters, collagen of animal type (marine or land), in addition to not making you fat, would instead make you lose weight as it would have the ability to stimulate the metabolism and the immune system. The effects, therefore, of taking collagen-based products such as supplements to drink or capsules, would be a greater efficiency of our body, the improvement of bones, joints and muscles, as well as greater hydration (most supplements also contain vitamin B or C and hyaluronic acid).

Collagen reduces the feeling of hunger because, by reducing intestinal inflammation of the body, it stimulates the sense of satiety and limits the absorption of cholesterol and fats. In short, according to those who praise its numerous virtues, the intake of this substance, in addition not to make you fat, it would also make you lose weight.

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The benefits of taking collagen

Collagen is a protein that performs numerous and important functions for the health of our body. It helps to:

  • Prevent premature aging and the formation of wrinkles. Together with hyaluronic acid, in fact, collagen is one of the supplements that is most used to counteract the onset of expression lines.
  • Improve the elasticity of the tissues
  • Strengthen the muscles
  • Improve bowel problems
  • Strengthen the joints and tendons
  • Prevent hair loss and nail breakage

In short, this substance has really numerous and interesting properties to be tried. It is recommended to take it through a cycle of ampoules to drink, or in the form of supplements in capsules, to be consumed daily. The effects should be visible after a few weeks and it does not interfere with the diet.

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The assumption of hydrolyzed collagen can also occur through food, in fact many foods (such as meat, cartilage and connective tissues of animals, skin, eggs, ...) are rich in it; it is mainly present in the soft parts of chicken, beef and fatty fish such as salmon, however if you do not have a balanced diet or if you age, it may be useful to take collagen-based products to stimulate the body to produce collagen and thus improve the appearance of hair, skin and nails, as well as the efficiency of joints and bones.
It can therefore be useful to consume a supplement or a product where hydrolyzed collagen is present, plus studies have shown that it does not make you fat.

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