Best birthday gifts for 4 year olds

Children grow up fast: if until recently your puppy was groping and crippling even the simplest words, now that he is about to turn 4 he is practically a small individual. He is independent, he begins to dress himself, eats alone, knows all the animals and colors and already has his favorites.

In kindergarten, in his class, he will begin to focus more and more on learning and when he comes home he has a great desire to play. At this age, children prefer role-playing and imitation games and all games that stimulate creativity and why not, a little gradual introduction to reading!

Here are our suggestions on what to give to a 4-year-old child.

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Doctor's case

In an age when children are beginning to develop more and more interests and dreams, here is a nice gift! The doctor's case can hold all the accessories and keep the house tidy.
Plus this doctor role play can help them overcome their fear of injections and doctor visits!

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Toy kitchen

The "My Little Chef" children's set includes 30 kitchen accessories and is easy to assemble and put away. It is sturdy and stable perfect for recreational activities and for developing the imagination.
Your child will have all the accessories to prepare his imaginary recipes and yes! You will have to "taste" everything it offers you!

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Lego Classic brick set

This set contains a huge range of Lego bricks in 35 different colors!
Includes 18 tires and 18 rims, an 8 x 16cm base plate, a window frame, and 3 pairs of eyes.
Lego Classic is meant to serve as inspiration for endless creative constructions with Lego bricks.
The special elements stimulate the construction of very imaginative projects!

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My first library: Dinosaurs

Millions of years ago dinosaurs ruled the planet and even today all children are crazy about them!
With this illustrated library you will discover the habits and characteristics of the largest reptiles ever to exist on the face of the earth. Eight robust booklets that will teach him to recognize the tyrannosaurus, the brontosaurus, the stegosaurus, the triceratops, the plesiosaurus, the styracosaurus, the velociraptor.


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