Country chic wedding: decorations, ideas and favors for a perfect event

We know exactly how it went: you were looking for the perfect location for your wedding and among beautiful farms and farmhouses surrounded by nature, you fell madly in love with the country chic style and you decided to organize the entire reception as if you were hosting your guests in a rustic and homemade estate in the countryside.
The country chic wedding, despite being by definition based on simplicity and raw and natural elements, still requires adequate preparation and a certain organization. That's why we thought about creating a guide full of ideas and suggestions for the perfect country chic wedding!

The essentials for a country chic wedding

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In a perfect country chic style wedding, the decorations and materials to choose must be as rough and natural as possible, for a rustic and authentic effect.
No modern and square plates, pastel colors absolutely forbidden, because it is the fundamental characteristic that distinguishes country chic from shabby chic.
The ideal colors are: white, brown, beige and obviously the warm colors of the flowers and the green of the leaves.
Green light therefore to wood, raffia, canvas, rope, white cotton, dried flowers, terracotta, glass. For a stylish but indiscreet touch, you can add a Scottish fabric detail, perhaps some blankets on the lawn for guests who want to relax in the greenery.

If it seems too demanding, don't worry! Just a few small details are enough to make the "look" of your event perfect!
Remember that marriage is a celebration full of symbols and gestures. Take advantage of these little moments to define the identity of your wedding.
When exchanging wedding rings, for example, you can use a simple cushion covered in jute cloth and tie the rings with a simple white ribbon or with string.

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Remember: in a country chic wedding, what really matters is the choice of location: trees, leaves, fields, atmosphere, everything that recalls nature, relaxation, the earth, simplicity is a winning card.

Emphasizing these elements is also very important. An example? Accentuate the impression of a starry sky!

If you get married in the evening, a detail that must never be missing during a country reception is the lights.
It does not matter if the dinner will be held inside, it will still be beautiful to see a roof of lights outside the windows. Taking advantage of the presence of the trees, you can hang strings of LED lights from branch to branch, but remember not to overdo it, for a perfect country chic effect the lights must give the impression of being there by chance, to complete the magic.


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Some advice on the bouquet

Another very important element is your bouquet. No lace and exclusively white flowers, absolutely no shiny and lacquered leaves.
Choose dried flowers, daisies, mist, sunflowers, ears of corn, chamomile. Simple flowers that come from the fields, put together from raffia and canvas, romantic and simple.

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The wedding banquet


The menu of a full-blown country chic wedding is a fundamental component! Healthy, genuine, homemade, traditional food. Forget about diet and molecular cuisine for a day and enjoy your event.
Imagine having a barbecue in the countryside with friends. Play with the flavors of the countryside, of tradition. A grilled meat and vegetable is always a winner!

And the cake? No doubt about it: choose a naked cake! A "naked" cake that is without sugar paste and pompous decorations. Only fresh fruit and wild flowers to garnish, preferably served on a tree trunk!


As for the mise en place of the event, focuses on simple elements.
The white tablecloths in linen, cotton, fiandra are always winning.
No to perfect dishes and imperial goblets, yes to terracotta, ceramic jugs, simple glasses, ears and dried flowers scattered around the table!
Choose simple elements such as cards to use as place cards and small wooden discs similar to logs, perfect as coasters or as a simple decoration.
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Country chic favors: simple, cheap, very original!


What is the best way to have the perfect wedding favor? Do it yourself!
Don't worry, we've come up with something really simple but impressive.
We suggest you choose the do-it-yourself wedding favor, only if you really want it and if the number of guests is manageable.
Otherwise, it focuses on fair trade favors, whose earnings are destined for charity.

Here's what you can get yourself for DIY wedding favors:

  • Glass bottles
  • Canvas bags
  • String
  • Herbs
  • Spices
  • Olive oil

That's right, these simple elements, very easy to find, will be your precious allies to make your favors.
Bottles of extra virgin olive oil (Buy the bottles for oil on Amazon for € 22.99), scented canvas bags with flowers and herbs inside to use in the closet as perfumers, small jars of spices, or aromatic oils . Little original thoughts to make your guests happy, spending very little!

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