The best ideas for your party look

We wrote this article thinking of all those who love to go out dancing or enjoy a nice drink with friends or with their partner (or alone, why not?): We have created a list full of inspirations and tips to help you always create looks fresh, original and, of course, full of sparkles!

In these special evenings, discretion does not exist: let's surrender to sequins, velvet, brocades and embroidery and get ready to be the protagonists of the holidays! And if you don't know where to buy the proposed looks, don't worry: we also show you where to buy them online. Take advantage of the sales and renew your looks for the party!

The perfect looks for the club

The ideal dress code for the disco is sensual. And sensuality can be expressed in different ways ... the ideal is always to play by showing some of our strong points and hiding others, increasing your charm with tulle, lace, sequins and short dresses!

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Look 1: mini dress + over the knee boots

Following our "show and hide" proposal, a ruffle mini dress is ideal to be combined with a pair of over the knee boots, the footwear model that is the protagonist of this winter! This way you will be able to show some skin without being too flashy. If you are not a big fan of strong colors for an evening, try creating some highlights with a metallic fiber dress.

Find mini dress

The Find dress that we propose here is a great option to combine with a pair of over the knee boots: its length is perfect and the long sleeves contrast with the wide neckline. The 74% polyamide, 16% metallic fiber, 10% elastane fabric will ensure you feel comfortable while dancing.

© Buy on Amazon for € 22.50 (50% discount)

Find knee boots

We recommend this model for its extreme comfort: thanks to the elastic fabric you will have all the mobility you want during an evening of wild dancing with your friends.

© Buy on Amazon for € 47.60 (30% discount)

Look 2: blouse and lace bra

A lace look is always a great way to add a little sensuality. This is a look that goes very well black", but it's also beautiful when paired in black and white optical contrast. If you want to be even more daring, you can try pairing a long-sleeved white lace blouse with a black lace bra and black pants.


We advise you to combine the Gaudì black lace top with the black bra in delicate lace (and also of excellent quality) from the Iris & Lilly brand. These two items, in addition to having extremely affordable prices, are also easily wearable in a more casual look with a pair of jeans or a leather skirt.

Gaudì lace top

© Buy on Amazon for € 25.83

Iris & Lilly lace bra

© Buy on Amazon for € 13.83 (10% discount)

Look 3: sequins are never enough!

And finally, the sequins! Glitter is never enough! Create a bold, rich and elegant look by pairing a sequined dress with important jewels!

Truth & Fable sequin dress