The must-have products for the Halloween party: the best deals available on Amazon

It is impossible not to love Halloween! The masquerade parties, the funny decorations, the sweets, the children's jokes .. All this together makes the night of October 31st always fun.

If you want to have a super Halloween party and don't know where to start, this shopping list will help you remember all the details and also show you the best deals on Amazon.

First of all, the treats!

Together with the spooky decorations they are the protagonists of the party: there is no Halloween tradition without sweets! The phrase "trick or treat" comes from the legend according to which every October 31st, witches forced mortals to offer them a sacrifice, threatening them with a curse. This tradition has remained in vogue until today even if (thankfully!) In a lighter way: for a frighteningly more fun party, try offering eye-shaped sweets, little hands or lousy animals.

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Set of 2 candy boxes in the shape of spiders and ghosts

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Halloween dessert skull shaped lollipop

© Buy on Amazon for € 30.74

Halloween cake in the shape of mice

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Halloween cake in the shape of eyes

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The perfect Halloween decoration

To have a perfect Halloween decoration, you have to focus on elements that are scary, original and perhaps even bring a touch of irony! A beautiful table with delicious autumn recipes and well decorated in the Halloween theme is essential for a successful party!

For a decoration that is coherent with the Halloween theme and welcoming to your guests, we recommend that you focus on warm and dark colors such as orange, dark red, brown, olive green and black.

Halloween decorations set

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Bright pumpkins

© Buy on Amazon for € 12.99

Crime scene band

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Ghost-shaped light

© Buy on Amazon for € 10.99

Plastic insects

© Buy on Amazon for € 14.99

Skull in resin

© Buy on Amazon for € 25.79

Pumpkin-shaped light

© Buy on Amazon for € 12.99

Fluorescent pumpkin decoration

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The perfect tableware for Halloween

The thematic decoration for a perfect Halloween party only comes complete with plates and vessels in the shape of elements such as pumpkin and skull. This selection of party plates with colorful designs and skull shaped bottles will make your party much more interesting and welcoming!

Mexican skull theme colorful plates

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© Buy on Amazon for € 8.41

Skull shape bottles

© Buy on Amazon for € 24.68


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