Choice Men and Women: copy the looks of the protagonists

For years, the moment of choosing Men and Women has always been an unmissable event, a real season finale like those of your favorite series.
And "understandable, after exciting afternoons watching the stories of the protagonists, the plots, the reports, the twists, it is really impossible not to be curious to know how it will end!

Last week it was the turn of Teresa Langella, the beautiful Neapolitan singer who had to choose between Antonio and Andrea, choosing Andrea who said no to her in front of all her friends and relatives.

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Tonight, in the splendid villa, it will be the turn of Lorenzo Riccardi, the 22-year-old Milanese of Apulian origins who will have to choose whether to start a fairytale story with Giulia or with Claudia.

And while we prepare the popcorn and the plaid for this long evening on the sofa, let's take a look at the most beautiful looks on the program and where you can find similar models!

Claudia Dionigi VS. Giulia Cavaglià

Let's start with the two suitors who will put an end to the dispute over the heart of the handsome Lorenzo this very evening.
Who do you think will choose? We chose two opposing outfits: total black and studs for Claudia and minimal white for Giulia. Who will win?

Claudia Dionigi

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Giulia Cavaglià

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Teresa Langella

The beautiful, Mediterranean Teresa Langella, closed her chapter as a tronista, in the last episode of the special, choosing Andrea who unfortunately said no to her, disappointing all of us but above all poor Teresa.
Made known in the last season of Temptation Island, as "temptress", this year "Maria De Filippi" has chosen her for the throne.
Since the days of Temptation Island, Teresa has always sported beautiful outfits with a preference for fiery red, which perfectly highlights her complexion and dark hair.

Carina Coco dress

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Irene Capuano

The very young suitor of Luigi Mastroianni always sports fresh and stylish outfits.
Our favorite is this one, with a soft candy pink leather jacket!
Romantic and young, just like Irene.

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Gemma Galgani

The splendid Gemma, idol of the audience of Men and Women, Over, Classic and Temptation Island.
The sweet Gemma who never misses an opportunity to dispense advice and wipe the tears of her youngest companions in adventure, always sports very elegant outfits, often in one color, like this one in a beautiful burgundy velvet.

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