The best children's costumes for Halloween

Halloween is definitely one of kids' favorite holidays - who doesn't like to walk around dressed up in fun costumes to collect sweets and play pranks?

If your child loves this party and you don't know where to find an original costume, this article is for you!

Spiderman Halloween Costume

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There is no better costume option for your super kid than this Spiderman suit. This model is great value for money and can be worn even after Halloween!

Buy on Amazon for € 28.39

Anti-zombie Halloween costume


If your child is a fan of zombie movies and video games, this model will make them jump for joy! This is a zombie apocalypse themed suit that includes a foam mask, with which your child will be protected from all the threats that precede the end of the world! How scary!

Buy on Amazon for € 25.99

Vampire Halloween Costume


The classic Count Dracula costume is a good choice, but the effect is only guaranteed when crafted with care. This style includes a cape, Count Dracula medallion necklace and his very elegant gown.

Buy on Amazon for € 23.97

Ninja Halloween costume


Wow! This super ninja suit is perfect to accompany your hero on his adventures! The package includes the jumpsuit and hood, while the sword must be purchased separately.

Buy on Amazon for € 24.95

Zombie prisoner Halloween costume


This zombie prisoner costume is a great choice if your kid is the active type - the costume is comfortable and not bulky. It can also be worn over clothes, so it is suitable for parties and outdoor games. Package includes dress, 2 wrist bands, chain and hat. Reviews confirm that the costume is comfortable, light and is a great value purchase. Pay attention only to the sizes: better buy it a higher one.

Buy on Amazon for € 16.31

Crocodile Halloween costume


This costume is one of our favorites! This crocodile suit is fun, comfortable and warm. It can be a great ally of your child in his amazing Halloween adventures! And if he doesn't like the idea of ​​dressing up as a crocodile, there are other options too, like owl and giraffe.

Buy on Amazon for € 21.98

Ghost Halloween costume


Uhhh how scary! This ghost costume is truly scary! The hood and mask are included and the knitted dress can be safely used over thermal shirts and even jackets. So your ghost can also flutter outdoors!

Buy on Amazon for € 25.97 <

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