Oriental massages

Shiatsu (Japan)

This type of massage serves to restore the circulation of vital energy in the body through pressure applied with the fingers. According to shiatsu medicine, the human body is crossed by a certain number of lines, called meridians, along which energy circulates, and is scattered with points that are located at the meeting point between the lymphatic vessels and the glands of the system. endocrine.

The massage can be done on clothes or in underwear. The masseur applies pressure with his fingers on specific points, scattered all over the body. According to the needs, the pressure can be more or less intense, and the masseur will insist in particular on the areas in which he perceives tensions to be dissolved.

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If practiced regularly, shiatsu massage ensures the patient the supply of permanent energy and strengthens the immune system, but shiatsu can also be used occasionally, to treat back pain, migraines, fatigue and the Depression.

Ayurvedic (India)

According to traditional Indian medicine, the body is crossed by a flow of energy and when this flow is disturbed due to stress or bad lifestyle habits, the body suffers. Ayurvedic massage, therefore, tries to restore the initial balance by acting on the body.

The massage is performed on bare skin, with a warm sesame oil, and consists in stimulating, through pressure, touch and palpation, the points through which the energy flows. During the massage both invigorating and relaxing gestures are performed.

Ayurvedic massage relaxes, eliminates nervous tension and stress, promotes sleep and eliminates toxins as it restores blood circulation. Dynamic, recharges the batteries and prevents numerous disturbances.

Nuad Borarn (Thailand)

By mixing Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine and Buddhist philosophy, Nuad Borarn is based on awareness of one's body, both from the anatomical point of view (tendons, joints, muscles ...), and from the energetic point of view (the meridians of Chinese medicine) and mental (well-being of the spirit, emotional balance).

The massage is practiced on clothes and combines yoga positions with pressure, manipulation and stretching. The masseur uses hands and fingers, but also elbows, knees and feet ...

The well-being obtained through Nuad Borarn is due to the restoration of the initial balance. The massage improves blood circulation, softens the tissues, eliminates toxins and stretches the muscles. The pressure points, yoga positions and stretches make it flexible, loosen muscle knots and restore the circulation of energy.

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The Tuina(China). Intended to restore the circulation of energy, it has no less than 300 different gestures (pinching, friction, pressure ...) that can be performed both on bare skin and on clothes. Tuina is an integral part of medicine in China.

The Balinese (Indonesia). Delicate and relaxing, it is practiced on bare skin with warm oil. Carried out mainly to relax, it consists of applying pressure on the palm of the hand, sliding the forearms over the body or vigorously rubbing the epidermis with the fists. These gestures allow to relieve the muscles and restore lymphatic circulation.

The taegengki (Korea). By moving the joints, stretching the muscles and shaking them, the masseur invites the client (dressed) to indulge. In this way, the limbs return by themselves to their place, the breathing becomes wider and the spirit calms down.

The Tibetan. This rather original massage is practiced with Dead Sea salt balls mixed with some essential oils. These heated balls are placed on specific points of the naked body and manipulated following the path of the energy flow. Thanks to the movements of the hand, the salts release their properties, which are added to those of the essential oils. The action is immediate on muscle tension and energy blocks.

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