Gordon for the social: the experiment "Try to be a woman"

You know that moment in life when men seem so lucky, so carefree that we almost hate them? Those moments in which we are under the clutches of the beautician, with our legs in the air ready to face the tear; or that moment at the end of the day when our feet, rather than spend another 20 seconds on heels, would prefer to tackle filthy floors and busy streets without even socks. While it pleases us to receive compliments from our beloved beautician on the high degree of elasticity achieved over the years, we would give it our all not to have to suffer anymore, and to try to be one of those carefree men who have more hair than a captive monkey.
But there are crazy people, people who go beyond the imagination and who, with a beautiful curiosity that goes beyond pure fun, decide to test themselves. As did Yuri Sterrore, aka Gordon, with his experiment "Try being a woman ". Are you already starting to understand something? Get an idea" look at this photo:

"Try being a woman": how the Gordon experiment was born

Let's say that you are writing a book, entitled "Tu che capisci", available on Amazon in advance, and that the inspiration for this book comes from all the studies you have done on women in recent years, helped by your followers and by a lot of creativity. Then let's say that the subtitle of this book is "The only way to understand women is to put yourself in their shoes". What are you doing, don't you really try to put yourself in their shoes? And if Gordon's book is the result of an experience made of sensitivity and observation, the "experiment" Try to be a woman "is the result of a drive to truly understand women, to break down certain stereotypes for oneself and for all others. , both men and women. The experiment that Gordon has chosen to do, with the aim of discovering a different world, consists in "facing real tests representative of the female world, such as wearing heels for 24 hours, waxing (groin included) and many other daily challenges. Because our world is a complex world, full of details, preparations, sacrifices, although the final result, what we show every day outside, always seems so simple and natural.Because it is "easy" for him to understand women, observe them and reproduce their attitudes in a hilarious and empathic way, but when they say "thank you, you really understand me", he feels the weight of this statement, he warns that behind a joke, to a character, and especially to a woman, there is much more, which he still does not fully understand. Gordon has the solution: tell me what I have to do to understand you better and I will do it.

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Because "Try Being A Woman" is more than just a funny video

The truth is that we women make so many sacrifices and endure so many little things that hurt, physically just, and that a man can hardly understand. How beautiful are we in heels? How beautiful is a smooth, shaved leg? If we ask a man, he will answer with a simple "beautiful". He understands that it hurts, he understands that he is not part of the circle of decisions and events that these choices contain. Gordon is trying it, he is trying to pass these tests, and the thing he knows for sure is that very often "it hurts "," it's painful ". The" goal of the project is to underline how important it is for a woman to be totally free in her choices: to this she invites us, to face these "trials" for ourselves, to never do something like " put on the damn heels "to please someone else first. Because a sacrifice is worth making only if it is done primarily For themselves.
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