Brownies with walnuts: the quick recipe for greedy brownies!

Brownies are a typical dessert of the American tradition and are often accompanied with cream or ice cream! Let's see together the shopping list and how to make this specialty with nuts and chocolate step by step.


3 eggs
1 bar of dark chocolate
100 g of sugar
75 g of flour and 20 g of flour for the pan
75 g of shelled walnuts
50 g of liquid cream


Step 1: preheat your oven (180 ° C) in traditional mode.
Step 2: grease and flour a square mold of about 20 cm on each side.
Step 3: Mix the melted butter with the sugar until you get a homogeneous mixture.
Step 4: add the eggs and mix. Incorporate the flour slowly.
Step 5: Melt the chocolate and add the cream.
Step 6: Start incorporating the compounds and mixing.
Step 7: Coarsely chop the walnuts and add them to the preparation.
Step 8: pour into the mold and cook for 15 minutes.

Your brownies with nuts and chocolate are ready to be enjoyed in good company! You can accompany these delicious sweets with fresh whipped cream or chocolate or vanilla ice cream. You can also add a little icing sugar, chocolate pralines, hazelnut powder or pistachios. The base is very versatile and also goes well with a tea or fruit juice. There are many variations of brownies such as brownies with almond flakes, chocolate and caramel, variegated or hazelnut. There is also a white chocolate variant commonly called "blondie", much sweeter! This tasty nut alternative can be kept for a few days and is perfect for any time of year. The nuts added to the preparation are a source of mineral salts, such as magnesium and vitamins.
Impossible to resist this delicious goodness! One brownies leads to another!
Good taste!

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