Women in Communication: interview with Giovanna Scutari

Coming of age is certainly an important milestone, both for a person and for a brand and in this very particular case, for ours.
As the female turns 18, we have decided to start a Women Empowerment project that focuses on women who work in the field of communication.
Giovanna Scutari, Head of Media Relations of the Dentsu Aegis Network Group and Chairman of Amplifi Italia, answered 5 significant questions for us, talking to us about how "empowerment" refers to the ability of women to enjoy their rights.

1. What is "being a woman" like in the world of work?

Certainly tiring, even today, because we always have to prove that we are up to the role, we have to work harder than a man. We are not yet at the famous and complete equality. We are not equal to men, especially men do not think so. But personally , today as yesterday, I have never asked myself the problem of not being able to do something as a woman. You must not be afraid to say what you think, I was not even at 20 years old. You must never lower your head and, in moreover, you have to be determined to get what you want, without giving up your way of being.The secret is to have great determination, always and in any case.

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2. What was "women empowerment" at 18 for you?

We are talking about years of great contestation, in which women were considered subordinate to men and in which the path of emancipation began. The inequality of wages, as well as other similar conditions, were and are, but we must learn not to feel never inferior to a man, whatever role he holds.Maybe we women can find it harder to make a career, but it is the fault of an obsolete cultural heritage that persists, despite all the battles.

3. Three words you associate today with "women empowerment"

The percentage of women in key roles is still too low. But also because women carry within them a condition that is the daughter of cultural heritage. Women have to shake off a condition that is no longer current, linked to an outdated mentality. Also because empowerment is a process, it is not a product, and the processes are often long. "Empowerment" refers to the ability of women to enjoy their own right: rights of all kinds, voting, economic, social, and we women must be convinced of this in the first person.
Only in this way can we emancipate ourselves from that reflected image of the past that is actually outdated, it must be.

4. What would you recommend to the 18-year-old you and the 18-year-olds today?

Today empowerment is certainly destined to change the power relations in different contexts of life, there is no doubt about this, many things have been done. However, if a woman wants to have an important role in the world of work today, she must learn to take it, to make her colleague a real partner, without any aptitude for subordination. My advice is "sit at that table and don't get up before you leave". You have to be combative, have an iron will and have very clear ideas. For the 18-year-olds of today, I would recommend relying on construction models, which are less vacuous than some of the current ones.

5. How much need is there to talk about women empowerment today and what should be done?

Today's woman manager is not an occasional result, but the result of a war made up of many battles won but also lost. Today the world of work for women has changed. Today there is a role, we see it every day. But there is still a lot to do. We must never let our guard down, even if we always find ourselves having to prove something more than man. Even if a condition of disparity, at least in the dynamics, could remain, we have all the characteristics to make it. And this is because we are more balanced and dynamic, we are used to managing children, the home, the world of work. We are used, by nature, to do many things at the same time. And this is and always will be a big plus.

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