A day dedicated to milk

It is rich in calcium and vitamins of groups A, B and D (the latter essential for the formation of bones and teeth). It also contains all the amino acids our body needs to stay healthy.

A real source of health that should be tapped daily to keep our body in an optimal state.

For these reasons, today, June 1st, we celebrate the eleventh World Milk Day, created by the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) to sensitize consumers and non-consumers to the importance of milk for every age group.

"An" opportunity to focus attention on such an important food and make known the activities related to the beverage and the "milk industry", says Assolatte (Italian Dairy Association), responsible for the product, defining it as "the last archaic and primordial remained in the "nutrition of the men of the third millennium".

On the occasion of the event, yesterday, May 31, Coldiretti organized a real farm in the center of Rome complete with a vegetable garden to grow, honey to collect, cheese molding and milking of the cows. Animals and milk were the undisputed protagonists throughout the day.

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