The lucky jewels to choose according to the meaning

The lucky jewels are a perfect gift to give to a loved one, such as a sister, a mother but also a dear friend. And why not, to be done on nice occasions like Christmas or a birthday. But which one to choose? Let's find out by looking at the meanings of each! And in the meantime, take a tour to understand all the lucky jewels available on Amazon!

Birthstone Jewelry on Amazon

The lucky bracelet with the ladybug

If you choose this lucky charm, know that you will wear on your wrist not only a fantastic steel bracelet by Kidult, but a very important meaning. The ladybug is a positive symbol that represents love, according to the Asian tradition, for its color and its shape that recalls that of a heart. Already in ancient times it represented an indispensable ally for farmers, happy to find it in the fields because they feed on aphids that are bad for plants. In short, luck in love and at work in one go with this bracelet!

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Pros: it is elegant, fashionable and resistant, thanks to the Kidult guarantee.
Cons: The ladybug is really a very used symbol, so it may not be very original.

Buy it on Amazon for € 31.50

The lucky charm with heart and owl

Although "owl" means "bring bad luck", in reality the owl is an extremely positive symbol that represents wisdom and knowledge. Understanding why is simple: rotate your head up to 260 °, which allows you to have a much more complete view of events. And since ancient times the owl has been represented as an advisor to wizards and kings (you know Anacleto from "The sword in the stone"?). This pendant mixes two beautiful symbols, which are those of love and knowledge, two values ​​that they should always go hand in hand.

Pro: it is elegant, refined and extremely romantic.
Cons: it would be ideal as a gift for a couple, to receive from your partner, rather than doing it or receiving it from a "friend, even if it is not said!"

Buy it on Amazon for € 28.89

The charm in the shape of a red horn

This charm is the perfect ally against bad luck: you can move it anywhere, on a necklace, on a bracelet, attach it to hoop earrings and so on and so forth. As tradition dictates, it must be given and not bought directly, and is a real amulet against wickedness and misfortune. It was born as a phallic symbol in ancient Rome, but in the Middle Ages it transformed into a magical symbol that wards off evil influence. Bright red like the blood of defeated enemies as lively as the force that flows in. A true poem!


Pro: it is versatile, with just one bijoux we can embellish more than one jewel, from the necklace to the earrings! Furthermore, Morellato is an "excellent guarantee!
Cons: being just a charm, it doesn't come with a low price.

The lucky necklace with the tree of life

The tree of life is a very profound symbol, which makes us guess from its conformation why: it sinks its roots in the earth, from which it comes to life and from which it manages to give birth and grow a usual and luxuriant tree. It is a gift loaded of values, with which we wish a solid life, which is based on strong grips, and full, intense and luxuriant. The pendant we have chosen perfectly represents these concepts, inserting a touch of color in the silver, charging the symbol already beautiful in itself.


Pros: it looks great, is versatile, full of meaning and has a very low cost!
Cons: Crystals are green and reddish and may not appeal to everyone! On Amazon it is also available only with white crystals in the circle and not between the leaves!

Buy it on the Amazon offer for € 17.59 (-37%)

The rigid bracelet with a jeweled horseshoe

The history of the symbolic value of the horseshoe has very ancient origins and is linked to the figure of Saint Dunstan, a blacksmith who became archbishop in 959 who managed to stop the devil by nailing a horseshoe to his hoof, promising him liberation only if he had left in peace all those who hung a horseshoe on the door. This is why it has become a symbol of victory and protection from evil influences. On this rigid bracelet, the horseshoe is embellished with crystals, which make it super bright, ready to protect us against bad influences!

Pros: the price is really low and the bracelet is beautiful solid, without fear that it will disfigure!
Cons: if you have a very small wrist, it might fit you big. The measure is 6.2 cm.

Buy it on Amazon for € 11.49

The necklace with a lucky four-leaf clover pendant

The four-leaf clover is an "anomaly, a clover born with an extra leaf. Rare to find and therefore highly sought after. Finding one has become synonymous with luck and giving it away means transferring this luck to the person we care about. The Druids already considered it a effective and strong means against evil spirits.We offer it in a very minimal and meaningful version, with an accompanying message that invites you to express a desire and make it come true.


Pros: it is perfect for any look, both for everyday wear and for a special occasion.
Cons: If you like fancier things, it might not be for you!

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