A classic that is renewed: the best card games of the moment

Christmas and New Year are some of the moments during the year when board games and especially card games are more successful.: after lunch or dinner what's better than a good coffee or a drink, chatting with our friends and family and of course laughing a lot?
There are not only the classics: in recent years, original and fun card games have been created, in which the whole family can participate and that will make you laugh.
Now with Amazon Prime you can receive these fantastic games at home in 24 hours and spend unforgettable holidays with your loved ones!

Asmodee Dobble

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Among the best-selling games on Amazon, Dobble is more of an action game than a reflection game, making it ideal for fun for kids and adults! It is possible to play several games with this base and the goal is always the same: to be the fastest, since all the players play at the same time.
Dobble's main game mode is as follows: take two cards at random and place them face up on the table, so that all players see all the cards. Players must look for the identical symbol in the two letters (same shape and same color, only the size can vary). The first player to find this symbol calls it and steals two new cards which he will put on the table. Whoever collects the most cards wins!

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This is an addicting card game that both children and adults will enjoy!
It is a card game in which you have to get 4 healthy organs with your cards, while they are infecting or "stealing" those of other players.
The games are fast and dynamic. In addition, being small in size it is ideal for taking it on a trip.
It is one of the best selling games on Amazon along with Asmodee Dobble.

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The Cheating Moth

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This is an original and very funny card game in which laughter is guaranteed: the one who cheats the most wins!
The dynamics of the game in fact foresee that whoever runs out of cards that require cheating to win, while a guardian must try to discover the cheats.
The Swindler Tarma has more than 150 ratings, all of which are positive. The box is also small, so you can take it anywhere.

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Sushi Go!

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Can you imagine a card game dedicated to sushi? Well now that's true with Sushi Go!
In this exhilarating card game the goal is to get the most complete sushi menu, with the best combination of cards.
Some cards give points if you have 2 or 3 of the same, others give more points the more you accumulate ... and we anticipate that you have to be very careful with desserts!
In short, a well presented game with well-made boxes and cards that is very simple and easy to learn. It encourages you to look for the best combinations to get as many points as possible.
Besides, did we mention that you play with sushi?

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A new card game to engage children and adults. Fun and simple, what more could you ask for?
It is a fun game where the combination of luck and mischief ensures a lot of fun. The goal is to get the fewest points by exchanging cards and stealing them from other players: to win you can follow many different strategies, allowing the whole family to play countless games that are always different!

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