Gigi D'Alessio and Anna Tatangelo: crisis overcome? Here's what's happening!

It seems that the crisis between Gigi D "Alessio and Anna Tatangelo has been overcome and that the two are still together. In fact, the latest rumors would like the couple to be very close to the flashback, which would be confirmed in the episodes of the past few days. February 24, the day of Gigi's fifty-first birthday, Anna and the singer - who had been living apart since last July - would have celebrated together: the two would have dined in a prestigious Roman restaurant and then returned home to the villa in Olgiata where the couple lived together. In all these years.

Moreover, the following day the Neapolitan interpreter and the singer of Sora would go to lunch with their son Andrea, born in 2010, together with one of Gigi's other children, Claudio, with his previous partner, Carmela.
In short, it seems that the serene is back in the D "Alessio house ...