Slimming treatment: why wear it at night? 7 benefits of the night application!

Reshape the body and defeat the infamous fat pads? The right time to do this is at night!
Sleep favors the mechanisms of lipolysis, the horizontal position facilitates the drainage of liquids and the skin is more receptive.
Precisely for this reason, the Somatoline Cosmetic laboratories have developed a line of high-performance night slimming treatments, specific for night use.
The latest launch of this line is the new Ultra Intensive 7 Nights Slimming Fresh Gel: the brand's maximum slimming effectiveness in a formula with an innovative gel texture, fresh and silky like a caress, and a scent that recalls the sea breeze.

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But why should we choose a formulation to apply in the evening? For at least 7 reasons: here they are.

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1. Skin is more receptive at night

We have already mentioned it, but it is worth delving into the concept. During the night the skin has very specific biological mechanisms and its characteristics change significantly from those it has during the day. Furthermore, during the night, the regeneration of skin cells is increased: keratinocytes (the fundamental cells of the superficial part of the skin) and fibroblasts (the cells that support the deeper dermis and determine the structure and elasticity of the skin) motorcycle self-repair mechanisms.

Not only that, recent studies have shown that melatonin, from midnight to about four in the morning, is particularly active and performs various actions: in addition to regulating the sleep-wake cycle, it fights free radicals with an antioxidant action useful in counteracting the 'aging. This explains why sleep is the best beauty care and it is also the moment in which the treatments act most effectively

2. The skin temperature rises

Another advantage of the night is that the temperature of the skin rises by about half a degree while we sleep, because more blood flows into it and is diverted from the internal organs. Thanks to the higher heat, and the consequent dilation of the blood vessels, a better delivery of the cosmetic active ingredients is obtained.

3. In the evening and at night the skin permeability increases

During the night the barrier function of the skin changes and its permeability varies, the skin bioavailability of the cosmetic active ingredients contained in the creams increases thus making the night treatment products even more effective.

4. Horizontal position facilitates drainage

The horizontal position we assume during sleep - even more so if we keep our feet slightly raised - helps drainage of skin fluids and accumulated toxins. This process is very important to intensify the night slimming action because it favors the removal of waste, reactivates the metabolism of all cells and also makes cosmetic treatments more effective. In the case of slimming products, this drainage action promotes lipolysis and therefore improves the slimming activity.

Somatoline Slimming 7 Nights Ultra Intensive Fresh Gel contains a pool of highly concentrated cosmetic active ingredients, including sea salt and sericoside, which performs a triple slimming action: lipolytic, to transform triglycerides into free fatty acids, making them more easily usable for energy purposes and therefore reduce adipose accumulations; draining, to eliminate excess skin fluids, and anti-storage, to counteract the formation of new fatty deposits.

5. The treatment works faster at night

Precisely because the skin is more receptive and the draining function is stimulated, the results achieved with a night treatment are faster and more visible.

Somatoline Slimming 7 Nights Ultra Intensive Fresh Gel has been clinically tested and excellent results have already been obtained after 7 nights. Furthermore, by prolonging the treatment, the slimming effectiveness increases to double in 1 month.

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6. Night treatments are more powerful

Precisely to take advantage of the functions that the skin has at night, in particular its greater ability to absorb the active ingredients and to put them into operation, the night formulations are richer, enhanced and therefore more effective. You will get results faster and more effortlessly!

7. After the application you do not have to get dressed

When applying body creams in the morning, one of the main inconveniences is that you then have to get dressed to go to work, perhaps wearing tight pantyhose or pants and that the sticky sensation makes it unpleasant.
If, on the other hand, you choose a night treatment, the only thing you will have to wear will be a comfortable pajama or an even more comfortable nightgown. No hassle or hindrance.

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