Slimming 7 Nights Fresh Gel Somatoline Cosmetic: 7 reasons to choose it!

Winter, you know, always brings with it a bit of cold and a few extra pounds. In fact, with the cold season, it is easy to lose your shape and find yourself more swollen and weighed down. It is not necessary, to be uncomfortable with oneself, to have many excess kilos, often even only two or three kilos more than one's own weight can make a difference, especially if located in the classic weak points of us women, such as arms, thighs, belly and hips. And our clothes often remind us ...

Abdominal swelling and heaviness in the lower limbs are, for example, two symptoms that with the arrival of the spring months have had a significant impact on my physical and psychological well-being: tight jeans, clothes that did not make me feel comfortable during the day and a general sense of bloating was indeed a constant. And, although it might not seem that way from the outside, what I perceived was a feeling of annoying discomfort. That's why, along with a "healthier diet and a little exercise", I decided to try Somatoline Cosmetic's Slimming 7 Nights Fresh Gel. Below you can find 7 benefits of the product and the reasons why I would choose it again.

1. It has a fresh and silky texture

The first thing that struck me about the product was its pleasant texture: fresh and silky, able to spread easily. After all, its gel composition represents a novelty that goes well with the needs of us women, always in a hurry and full of a thousand commitments, especially once back home after a long day.

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2. It dries quickly

Its fresh gel formula has a great advantage: rapid absorption. You will therefore not have to wait in the bathroom - for interminable minutes - for the product to dry in order to get dressed. The innovative texture with a reticular structure changes its consistency during application, blending into the skin and thus facilitating both the massage and the absorption process.

3. The night application is super convenient!

Tell the truth: doesn't the idea of ​​applying a product on your skin and then wearing a practical and light garment from home or even pajamas make you very comfortable? Thanks to the night application, the new Slimming 7 Notti Gel Fresco allows you to stay in the clothes you prefer to spend the night in peace. But that's not all, applying the product before going to sleep has significant advantages in terms of benefits and greater effectiveness: for example, the horizontal position facilitates drainage, not to mention that the skin is much more receptive during the night.

4. Results from the first applications ...

As the name of the product says, you will be able to see significant improvements starting from the very first applications. In fact, after only 7 nights, you will see yourself slimmer and you will feel your legs and waist reshaped.

Photos before and after the treatment

5. Effectiveness doubled in one month!

If, as I said, the results are already visible after the first applications, I guarantee you that after a month you will be completely satisfied. In fact, by prolonging the treatment, the slimming effectiveness increases to double in 1 month.

In short, with an application of the product of at least one month you will only see further benefits on your body!

6. Leaves the skin soft and velvety

Not only is it practical to apply and quick to absorb, the slimming gel also allows you to give a touch of softness to your skin. That's right, its constant application will make your skin smooth and smooth.

7. It has a very pleasant scent!

In addition to the more technical aspects, let's not forget the more pleasant side: Slimming 7 Notti Gel Fresco is characterized by a very pleasant and fresh marine scent: a breeze that evokes relaxing sensations and great well-being ... an excellent cuddle to end the day well!

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