Erotic phrases: all the sexiest to ignite the imagination

They can be an exciting foreplay of sex or you can send them to your sweetheart when either one is away to fuel the fire of your passion. These are the most beautiful phrases on eroticism and love to dedicate. Words, you know, are important and there is nothing better than a message that excites the senses sent at the right time. Do you want to know the benefits of making love? Don't miss the video!

The erotic phrases to dedicate to your partner

Here are the most beautiful phrases to dedicate to your man or woman. These are erotic, exciting words, perfect to say (or write) when you want to spice up a situation between you.

I want you

I want to feel yours

Make me feel like a woman

I want to make love with you all night

I want to enjoy with you

I want to feel you inside me

I'm touching myself thinking of you

What would you like me to do to you?

I would like you to ... (completes giving vent to the imagination)

Touch me. Undress me slowly and kidnap my body, touching it with your fingers. I want you. Of your sweetness, of your perfume

It is really a shame that you are not here right now

Shut up and let me enjoy

I love your strong and mighty arms, I wish this hug would never end

Touch my skin with your fingertips, I love feeling short of breath! With your tongue draw the outline of my breasts

Seduce my mind and you will have my body ... Seduce my soul and I will be yours forever

When the dawn will be day, when the sunset will be night ... You will be mine. Lips, hands, sighs, perfumes

I will wait for you naked in the garden of the senses covered with stars. I really want to make love with you, feel your breaths on my neck, your hands brush all over me and your mouth on my breast

I felt your eyes slip on me, stripping me of all modesty and control

Come, let me see your gaze, your lips, ... Let me know you, let me aspire to possess you and have you for me

A man loves a woman and kisses her: from that kiss the world is born

Like cities at war, all women have a defenseless goal. When they are discovered, the square immediately surrenders. De Sade

Kiss me, touch me, make me yours, let's become one!

My take on pleasure is that all women's senses must be used

I want to drown on your lips, whisper in silent words the desire I feel to be part of you and now ... I don't want to wake up

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I'm hungry for you. I thirst for your pleasure. Sometimes I think of you and remember our sensual kisses, I want you

Your mouth, your caresses, your body pressed against mine. I want to see you again

I remember your soft skin under my hands ... I feel a fire burning that only your moods can calm ... I want you

I can't wait to explore your body so I can drive it crazy. At dusk I want to place my sensual lips on yours and make you dream

With my language I would like to do in-depth investigations into parts of your body that you don't even imagine
Touch me. Undress me slowly and kidnap my body, touching it with your fingers. I want you. Of your sweetness, of your perfume

Your dress would look great on the floor next to my bed

I close my eyes and I lose myself in the spiral of the curves of your splendid body

I fall asleep with you in my dreams. Erotic of course

My kisses will be your dress

I want to make love to you. I want your hands, your mouth, your sweat on my skin

I will never forget your taste, the indelible memory of that immense pleasure

Let your imagination fly and make me yours, I want to be a slave to your desires. In order not to waste a minute, kiss my lips right away

Kiss me, give me the moisture of your tongue, of your lips, make your saliva mix with mine creating the taste of temperament

Be silent, let yourself go and kiss me with your heart and lips. Your mouth on mine, forever and never to die

I want to celebrate you by filling your mouth with your name, eating your lips to never wake up from this dream again

Oh, how I long to feel your body confused with mine, to see you fade, fade and fade before my kisses

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The most beautiful erotic phrases pronounced by famous authors

We have collected the most famous quotes and aphorisms about sex and love pronounced by the great artists. Famous, funny, profound phrases, sometimes even against the tide: here are all the most beautiful to share.

It's easy to take off your clothes and have sex. People do it all the time. But opening your soul to someone, letting them enter your fears, your future, your smile, that's being naked. Marilyn Monroe

The man will have discovered fire, but the woman has discovered how to play with it. Carrie in "Sex and the City"

When the erotic and the tender mix in a woman, they give rise to a powerful bond, almost a fixation. Anaïs Nin

The purity of feeling comes from the darkness of the erotic impulse. Vito Mancuso

I'm not beautiful, I'm just erotic. Alda Merini

I find that waiting is even more erotic than the act itself. James Cromwell

The bitter experience has shown me that what sustains the world is only sexual relations. Henry Miller

Perversion is just an "other form of" art, it's like painting, drawing or sculpture. Except instead of paint, we sexual perverts use sex as our medium. C.M. Stunich

One thing is certain: the worst sex will always be better, say, than the most fragrant of roses ... the most fantastic of sunsets. Of children's laughter. I don't think I'll ever read a poem as beautiful as one of those orgasms that set you on fire, make your ass cramps, flood your guts. Painting a picture, composing a work, are all things you do to fill the time between sex and other sex. Chuck Palahniuk

A man wouldn't have two-thirds of the problems he has if he didn't keep looking for a woman to have sex with. It is sex that disrupts our lives, usually ordered by Philip Roth

One of the greatest works of art in the world: a woman with beautiful legs getting out of the car. Charles Bukowsky

Sex is like money; only when too much is enough. John Updike

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In sex you can learn technique, but never a feeling, and feeling is the main factor, because the art of giving pleasure is the art of love and devotion; without love the most perfect technique is worthless and it becomes just a soulless artifice A. Costler

Love is nothing but the result of a chance encounter. People give it too much importance. For this reason, a good fuck is anything but to be despised. Charles Bukowski

Orgasm is the total involvement of the body: mind, body, soul, all together. You vibrate, the whole being vibrates, from the toes to the head. You are no longer in control; existence has taken possession of you and you don't know who you are, it's like madness, it's like sleep, it's like meditation, it's like death. Osho

Sex must be watered with tears, laughter, words, promises, scenes, jealousy, all the spices of fear, travel abroad, new faces, novels, stories, dreams, fantasy, music, dance, opium, wine. Anaïs Nin

Sometimes the erotic thoughts are also the most creative. Henry Miller

Women like sensuality but also measured arousal. D.H. Lawrence

If necessary the best way to get rid of the temptation is to fall into it. Oscar Wilde

If she had said that her embrace went beyond the embrace, so much so that in the end her contours were confused, so much so that our flesh disappeared, so much so that we lost our breath and devoured her and I from the same bloody and insatiable mouth. Mircea Eliade

Sometimes only the unison rhythm of sex and heart can create ecstasy. Anais Nin

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The erotic phrases that are also funny

In order not to take sex and love too seriously, here is a collection of comic quotes on the subject.

Right after being alive, the biggest chore is having sex. Andy Warhol

There are only two things a man and a woman can do on a rainy day. And I don't like watching television. Carol Burnett

Sex is like bridge: if you don't have a good partner, you better have a good hand. Charles Pierce

The real tragedy is when you have sex in your brain, instead of a few inches below, where it should be. D.H. Lawrence

Sex without love is an empty experience, but among the empty experiences it is among the best. Woody Allen

When a couple makes love, at least four people are present: the couple in question and the two people they are thinking about. Sigmund Freud

I like two things about life. The second is to travel. Roberto Benigni

Occasionally, a woman is a reasonable substitute for masturbation. But of course, it takes a lot of imagination. Karl Kraus

To be successful with the opposite sex, tell her that you are impotent. He will not wait to refute you. Cary Grant

Do you know what would look good on you? The! From the movie "Weekend with the dead" by Ted Kotcheff

Man falls in love with a woman's body, and then discovers that there is more. The woman falls in love with the man's mind, and then discovers that there is less. Love is the story of two misunderstandings. Fabrizio Caramagna

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The most beautiful erotic phrases taken from the songs

In the songs we find much of the eroticism that stimulates our imagination. This is a selection of the most beautiful Italian songs in which the artists have managed to express a refined but at the same time full of excitement sexuality.

There is no contact of mucous membrane with mucosa and yet I become infected with you, that you arrive and bring desires and dizziness in passionate verses addressed to me and offer your mysterious essence as a gift, which was a fleeting shine a few nights ago; and they are quick to come alive my sighs that go to the walls to say I would like you here. Marlene Kuntz, "The song I write for you"

I feel you are breathing hard into this handset. Damn, it separates me from your mouth. Can I see you again tonight? But don't think badly now. Same sex again. Max Gazzè, The usual sex

The cobra is not a snake, but a frequent thought that becomes indecent when I see you. The cobra unwinds, turns and nails me, closes my mouth, squeezes me, touches me. Donatella Rettore, Kobra

Skin: it is your skin that I miss at certain moments and in this moment it is your skin that I feel swimming in the air. Marlene Kuntz, "Swimming in the" air "

So come on, play with me, making love is very simple. There is no why, take it as it is. Vasco Rossi, "Play with me"

Your bare feet drive me crazy from here, your legs a little higher, the infinite pleasure is fine, dance so it dances harder and harder on my chest. Keep it up and slowly move your body on my chest is a dance that makes love rain a dance that makes us speak without words. Biagio Antonacci, "Dance on my chest"

Slowly your hand slides over you. Just enough to transform Every caress into a moan I watch you hot writhing in the damp sheets. Greedy and relentless strength hurt me as long as you want. Negrita, "Magnolia"

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And you ... And we ... And she ... Between us. I wish, I wish, And you, now you know that I wish. His hands. And then again the two of us I would like for love or to laugh. Patty Pravo, "Wonderful thought"

That we're only living now. We're just having sex. It's a secret between us. Francesco Renga, "Living now"

The smell of sex that you have on you does not go away anymore, it sticks here to the love that I can that I can and we mixed the skin, the souls, the bones and as soon as we finished each one took back his you who are perfect inside while I go tight you who are so good at remaining mania maybe you remember are your stuff. Luciano Ligabue, "The smell of sex"

Let me dream she bites her mouth and feels America Let me fly he reaches out and touches America. Make love to me stronger and stronger as if it were America. Make love to me stronger and stronger and I am America. Gianna Nannini, "America"

But now undress I want to bite you I want to feel your pleasure again explode with my Tomorrow it will be late to regret the reality it is better to live it But now stop I do not want to lose you Your smiles now do not hide them With my hands between your legs you will become bigger And there it will be more god because I am here! Vasco Rossi "Gabri"

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