5 reasons why Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi are the king and first lady of Italy!

America has had Obama and Michelle, France has its Macron and Brigitte, and we have Fracesco Totti and Ilary Blasi. That's right: whether you are a Romanist or of any other football faith, whether you are interested in football or not, you cannot not to recognize the institutional importance that this couple has in the collective imagination, which jumped to the eye more than ever on the occasion of Francesco's farewell to football, which took place yesterday May 28, in which Mrs Totti obviously participated, in the very first line, together to three children, Christian, Chanel and little Isabel, born last year. But why are the Pupone and his sweetheart such a positive example of a couple? Here are 5 very valid reasons that, in our opinion, consecrate Francesco and Ilary to be true king and first lady of Italy.

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1. Because they are complementary, and together, they complement each other perfectly

He is silent and shy, she is cheerful and extroverted. Ilary, in all these years, has been the voice of Francesco several times, known for his shy and calm nature and unfamiliarity with cameras, stages and limelight. In fact, Ilary, with a confident and decisive personality, has always supported, supported and cheered him loudly - not only on the pitch - thus giving a voice to a champion who otherwise would have been more often on the sidelines, for character, temperament and an innate sense of humility. On the occasion of the 40th birthday of the captain, for example, Blasi organized a big party for her man to be the center of attention and to take the credit, affection and warmth he deserved. In short, it is not for everyone, to step aside to shed light on your partner and celebrate his victories as if they were his own. Brava Ilary!

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2. Because they never took themselves too seriously

Although Francesco is a man of few words, at the same time he is endowed with a great self-irony that made him a true champion even off the pitch. His humility and the ability to make fun of himself - also thanks to Ilary's complicity - have made him one of the most loved sportsmen ever, not only for football merits, so much so that he is appreciated by everyone, even by non-Roma players (a true record !). In short, we are sure that in the Totti house there is a lot of laughter, and also for this ability to never take themselves too seriously, Francesco and Ilary are among our favorite VIP couples!

3. Because in the face of moments of difficulty, they have come out more and more united than before!

You may remember the scandal of Francesco's betrayal with Flavia Vento, a blow from which very few couples would have emerged unscathed. Yet, not only Pupone and Blasi managed to overcome it with discretion and dignity, despite the pressure of the press and the speculations of the most vulgar gossip, but they even planned the wedding and had a child, starting a new phase, more solid and mature, which led them to be more united than before. In short, transforming crises into growth opportunities is certainly not for everyone ...

4. Because they have always encouraged and supported each other's career

Shedding light on the other and supporting him always and in any case, especially in the professional sphere, is one of the cornerstones of the couple's idyllic and lasting relationship. to all the subsequent professional commitments of Blasi, without ever opposing a growing and promising television career. Obviously, Ilary was certainly no less: do you remember one time when he was not in the stands with the colors of Roma on his face and the shirt of 10 cheering the captain? And all this, despite being born from a Lazio faith family ... if this is not love!

5. Because they knew how to walk side by side, without ever being overpowered

Francesco and Ilary have always traveled side by side, without ever opposing each other or giving rise to even a single hint of rivalry. Both accomplished at work and perfect accomplices in private life, the two have been able to find the right balance to support each other without allowing the success of one to overshadow that of the other, which is very rare in famous couples. In short, a virtuous example of a modern family that makes collaboration and the interdependence of roles the real success for a happy and full union!