Bickering on social media for Francesco Facchinetti and Alessia Marcuzzi!

They seemed bound by an indestructible and sincere affection, almost fraternal, yet even Francesco Facchinetti, who recently became the father of little Leone, and Alessia Marcuzzi gave themselves up to the "quarrel" via social media. Yes, because the two ex in these days are the protagonists of the gossip because of some statements released by the DJ, which the Roman presenter seems not to have taken very well.

Facchinetti said in fact, in a recent interview that the ex-partner, mother of his first daughter, Mia, would not go to visit the new born in the hospital, not hiding a veil of controversy, which Marcuzzi has however caught, deciding to retort via social: "I read with amazement Francesco's interview in the weekly Chi. Usually I do not publicly respond to provocations and I prefer to clarify myself, but this time I am quite sorry for some of his statements where you perceive a reality distorted by what happened. Francesco tells me he never said those phrases, but I really would have preferred it not to talk about our private ", these are the words written via Facebook by Alessia Marcuzzi, who continues as follows: "Francesco's partner gave birth to little Leone in my city, assisted by my friend and gynecologist Daniela, precisely because they trusted a wonderful person like her, who gave birth to both my two children. I was away for work and then I went out with Mia for a few days to try to avoid a too strong upset in a very intimate and delicate circumstance like this (something shared with Francesco). I was the first to know about the birth of little Leone and on the phone I cried with joy with him. Leone was wearing my son Tommaso's blue sweater when he was born, and I got excited ... We sent photos, looked at Facetime and Mia is happy. I do everything to preserve my daughter, who among the " other despite being so small, she accepted the birth of her little brother very well. I wrote a post here on Facebook of good wishes from us, but I had something wrong in the writing, so I deleted it and then rewrote it .... no mystery. Sorry if I dwelt but I wanted to clarify things for me very important. Ours is an extended family like many others and my children are very happy because they are surrounded by so much love ... and this is the only thing that matters. A kiss to everyone".

A sober and classy message with which Marcuzzi is keen to clarify what has happened without going into the tones of the controversy, in an attempt to extinguish the tension created above all by the pressure of the press. And in fact, the clever move of the Roman presenter has in turn led to a very sweet reaction on the part of the ex, who from his Instagram profile published a tender image that portrays him together with Alessia and his daughter Mia, accompanied by following message: "In these days I have told you what happened to me as if you were really my friends, the truth is that you are. Among all the good things, I did not tell you something special that happened which means a lot to me. When Leo was born, a few hours later, my phone rings and I, being completely in another world, answer without looking who he was. On the other hand, an excited voice tells me some beautiful things that made me cry: it was Alessia. This gesture, small but immense for me, is the true meaning of an extended family. It happens that two people meet, love and have a daughter. It then happens that the roads divide and, without smashing the dishes on the floor, without putting our hands on each other, without disrespect, we proceed on two different roads. Then it happens that these two people meet two other people with whom they try to build a new family. This is what happened between us. Not being together with a person anymore does not mean losing the affection and respect you have towards him. I hope I have made you understand a little more about me and us. I love you".

In short, the quarrel between the two ex, who confirm that they are linked by a deep and special relationship, seems to have been resolved in the best way.

Alessia and Francesco with little Mia