The Firenze Gelato Festival is back

Prepare your taste buds! In Florence, from 25 to 29 May it will reopen its doors on Florence Gelato Festival, which with its first edition had conquered the Florentines and tourists to the point of winning the national BEA 2010 award as Best Emotional Response. The venue of the Festival is Florence not by chance: according to scholars, ice cream was invented by Buontalenti in the 16th century in the city.

Those of the Festival (12-24 hours) will be five mouth watering days thanks to the art of the best Italian ice cream makers, ready to let you taste their delights at the Gelato Village, where you can taste "live" the preparations made at the moment .

The Sammontana Village and the space dedicated to historic Florentine ice cream makers have also been confirmed this year. New entry it will be the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčItalian excellence, which will host the specialties of the best ice cream makers of the peninsula. A privileged space will be the one dedicated to the excellent training of ice cream makers, the protagonist of the Carpigiani University, School of Ice Cream which will organize practical tests to give everyone the opportunity to learn the art of ice cream by creating their own taste.

In addition, during the days of the Festival, all of Florence will be animated by various initiatives that also include workshops for children and workshops for adults, musical moments, ice cream courses and numerous happy hours based on ice cream, organized in the city's cocktail bars.

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