Fake bob: what a fake bob is and how it is made

It's called fake bob, or faux bob, and it seems destined to solve the fate of fans of short cuts unwilling to get rid of the much-loved long hair. Basically it is a fake bob that re-proposes the harstyle of the classic bob in a retro version with a little trick that allows you to avoid cutting the hair, that is, hiding the ends and stopping them at the nape of the neck with the help of invisible clips and pins.

The result is a glam-chic bob, beloved by celebrities from all over the world and usable on social occasions or in everyday life; in fact, just choose the mood you prefer and your bob will take on the appearance of a refined and elegant antan hairstyle, a trendy and original hairstyle or an improvised look in full messy style. But how is the fake bob made? It's very simple: just a few moves and a few doses of cleverly placed hairpins.

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Fake helmet: how it is made

First, divide your hair into two parts, one upper and one lower. Then start working on the lower one, making a knot, a chignon, a torchon or any type of crop that allows you to hide most of the hair. Once the lengths are hidden, you can proceed with the upper part and make your fake helmet; at this point the game is almost done, it will be enough to take the upper part and accompany it to the end of the nape with a slight curvature, fixing it with the hairpins, possibly of the same color as the hair. You can also drop a few strands here and there to make the most chic hairstyle, playing at will with twenties-style tufts and waves for a perfect vintage-style bob. In short, smooth and modern, wavy, in full romantic and old-fashioned mood, or hedgehog with a rock taste: any initiative is welcome to give personality and character to your hairstyle.

Here is a series of examples of fake helmets: browse the gallery and choose your favorite!

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