14th Parma Ham Festival

It will be located between Parma and 12 other municipalities, which you can consult directly on the festival website.

There will be many events dedicated to gastronomy, entertainment, culture and sport to celebrate an entirely Italian product that involves 164 manufacturers, 5,000 pig farms and 3,000 workers.

One of the main events of the initiative directly involves all the ham factories, which will open their doors to the public, giving them the opportunity to attend the whole cycle of processing and also participate in free tastings. A shuttle service will be available to go from one company to another.

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The Parma hills will also be animated by many initiatives such as dinners in the villages, stalls of typical products and in-depth conferences. Furthermore, for the duration of the festival, special menus will be created in many of the farmhouses and restaurants in the Parma area.

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