Vertical Iron: choose yours for less than 30 €

Raise your hand if you hate ironing: we for sure!
Yet it is something that none of us can avoid doing: there are garments that need to be ironed: nothing is worse than a wrinkled shirt!
And whether you are a fashionista or you are always on the go, the solution to this problem is only one: a vertical iron!

Why choose a vertical flat iron?

A vertical iron is a solution for everyone! First of all it takes up very little space, secondly it is comfortable to take on the road, perfect for avoiding the irritating problem of creasing clothes in the suitcase.
Finally, it will allow you to iron your clothes when needed, as it is very practical and heats up in seconds.
And if we offer you models for less than € 30, it's really time to buy one!
Here are the three best vertical irons in our opinion!

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AIICIOO Portable Vertical Iron

Portable design with a 140ml water tank which makes it light, small and compact with comfortable grip An easy to carry iron, perfect for use at home or on the go.
Extremely fast heating in 60 seconds, nozzles with a new design to distribute steam powerfully and constantly for 8-10 minutes. It is convenient to use with the visible water level line which will allow you not to run dry while ironing.
Use steam and its practicality to eliminate bacteria from tiles, curtains or sofas!

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Aries 4167

Ready to use: ideal for quickly refreshing one or more items at any time without using an ironing board
to always carry with you even in your suitcase during your travels to have clothes always ironed on every occasion
Vertical iron: perfect for refreshing and quickly ironing curtains, fabrics and clothing directly from the hanger.
Lightweight and easy to handle: thanks to the slender body and the ergonomic handle with soft touch finish, you can iron lightly and effortlessly
The removable tank can be filled directly under the tap or with the special measuring cup, which guarantees continuous refilling. Also supplied with lint brush and bristle brush

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Sevjoy Vertical and Horizontal Iron


The Sevjoy steam iron is equipped with a powerful 800 watt heating system and heats up incredibly fast, in less than 60 seconds. Produces a powerful jet of steam by removing all creases from clothes, without the hassle of using an iron and ironing board. But if you want, you can also use it horizontally! It features a removable water tank and includes a handy measuring cup for easy filling. Provides 14 minutes of continuous steaming time; and features a 160cm power cord to allow you to safely and easily vaporize all parts. of the boss.

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