Stand up in the office

1) Be aware of your skills

How do you want others to realize your worth if you yourself are not too convinced? Do not be afraid to congratulate yourself when you complete the tasks that have been assigned to you and regularly take stock of the ideas and solutions you have been able to propose. Others aren't necessarily better than you, they just know how to shine better!

Do not hesitate to go in front of the mirror to repeat "I do my job well, I have completed numerous tasks ..."

2) Leave anonymity

Abandoned in the middle ofopen space or hidden next to the entrance door, your desk is almost invisible and you .... even less! You are a diligent student and you never arrive late, but nothing more. To get out of this situation, get noticed! During refreshments (retirement, end-of-year parties, launch of a new product ...) try to get closer to the various superiors:

- discuss with them the practices you are dealing with at that time and find out about any available positions in the other sectors of your company.

- inform them of your future projects and your ambitions ... when there is someone to promote they will remember you!

- do not hesitate to talk about the news of the moment. Attention! We are not talking about desk gossip, but useful information for your company: that new product that is about to be launched by a certain Japanese company, the latest American way of working that seems to be really effective ...

3) Show that you have initiative

- Replace the term problem with solution, your superiors will appreciate! If a complicated situation arises, think of a possible solution and don't forget to propose it to others. It will be even better if you can propose more than one solution: whoever stands in front of you will have the possibility to choose, and you will show that you have seriously thought about the matter.

- When you are not at work, use some of your time to find useful information or innovative ideas that you can take advantage of in the office. To do this, browse the Internet, read the specialized press, and discuss with people who work in the same industry as you.

- Maximum reactivity: if your boss entrusts you with a task, make the effort to complete it as quickly as possible; if they are looking for someone for a new project, volunteer ...

4) Take part in meetings

Stop scribbling on your notepad and pretending to be following your mind instead think about next weekend with your boyfriend! From now on, the password is inter-ter-ve-ni-re, obviously by the way.

- Before the meeting, get the agenda communicated and look for information on the topics that will be addressed.

- If you have a proposal to make, don't just whisper it to those around you but express it clearly in front of everyone.

- To argue your proposals, provide statistics and percentages obtained from reliable sources and propose to send them to everyone by email after the meeting.

5) Leave traces

- You found THE solution to get that contract, but there is no evidence and your boss takes all the credit! When you meet him in the elevator, tell him subtly "I'm happy to see that he appreciated my ideas for the XYZ contract, I had read an article about it in the New York Times ..."

- Do you have many ideas to propose? Make a detailed list and email it to your boss. Doesn't he answer you? Ask him if he has received your proposals, again by email ...

Basically, when you propose something you have to leave tangible evidence that can clearly lead back to you!

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