5 ways to make peace with your best friend after a bad fight

A true friend is a person who has seen us at our best, at our worst and who knows all our nuances. He knows that in high school, when we were angry, we threw the backpack from the door of the classroom without even entering the classroom and he knows which, after two unanswered messages, means there is something wrong.
Arguing with her makes us feel lost especially because, in life, it is essential to have an "ally who reads us without us needing to speak."

The reasons for a fight can be many but, luckily for us, there are also many ways to make peace!

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1. Talk to her

The world is divided into two great schools of thought: who, after a bad conversation, can't wait to resolve the matter and who, on the other hand, is waiting for someone to come and talk to him. After all the time you have spent together, you know very well if your friend belongs to the first or second category and, in this regard, you can play early.
Maybe you are still convinced that you are right or maybe you are so wrong that you are ashamed to talk to her but one thing is certain: the more time passes, the more you risk drifting away.

2. Give her space

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You have made your move, now you just have to let time take its course. Don't force things. Surely both of you have said things that you are not proud of, or that you do not think at all, and that has momentarily changed that.
At first it will be hard not to receive his daily updates, but just remember that you are acting for a greater good!

3. Put yourself in his shoes

C "is an American Indian proverb that reads"before judging a man walks three moons in his shoes". Women tend to have shoes that are a little more uncomfortable than their male counterparts but that doesn't change the essence: do what you can to understand your best friend's point of view and, most likely, know that she will be doing the same to you. .
Embracing a different point of view from ours can be difficult but, in cases like these, it is absolutely necessary, especially if you have grown up together and know exactly how the other thinks.

4. Don't be swayed

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This rule applies as much in love as in friendship: if you overdo it by asking for second opinions, you will end up forgetting which one was yours. By dint of talking bad about someone you tend to remember only the negative attitudes and forget all the good things that have been between you, not to mention that, the voice of you who do not use nice words to describe your bff, could just reach to his ears ...

5. Agree to disagree

Maturity is also this, realizing that it is impossible to find a meeting point because, on a given topic, you start from too different positions: not all battles deserve to be fought, sometimes it is good to lay down your weapons ...

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